Revealing Pics of Octomom's Naked Belly Shock the World


nadya suleman octomom bikiniWhy Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, would choose to expose her belly to the general public in full-color, close-up photos is something I definitely don't understand. But then, I've never really understood anything Suleman has done, so I guess that's no surprise. The actual pics, though, did come as a surprise. That was NOT the belly I was expecting, okay?

Suleman released the shots over the weekend, after winning a boxing match for b-list celebs in Fort Lauderdale. (Sure, why not?) She's posed for the images in some kind of sporty outfit, and is helpfully pulling her top up and her bottoms down (the better for the camera to zoom in, of course). But what did the camera capture ...

I was prepared for scars -- serious scars. The woman was pregnant with eight babies at once, for Pete's sake! I was also prepared for severe sagginess. After all, I remember when Kate Gosselin, brave girl, showed America her (pre-tummy tuck) abdomen on TV ...

Quite frankly, I still haven't recovered. Poor Kate! The way she looks in a bikini now? Miraculous. Nothing short of miraculous.

Anyway, since Suleman carried even more kids at one time than Gosselin, I was bracing myself for even more scars and sag. But guess what?

Considering what the Octomom put her belly through, it really doesn't look all that bad. Check out her post-eight-baby belly and judge for yourself!

I'm not saying she has a six-pack or anything ... the signs of physical trauma are there, no doubt about it. But it's so much less horrible than I was expecting!

Although I must report that one of my Octomom bod-related suspicions has been confirmed -- clearly, those bikini pics she came out with awhile back were Photoshopped. To the max.

Not that I blame her. Nope, not a bit.

Does Nadya Suleman's belly look better or worse than you thought it would?


Image via YouTube

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Beths... Bethsunshine

Well, if I got money for having a litter of kids that I can't take care of, I could have surgery to make my stomach look good too!!

nonmember avatar blondie

When you have stretchmarks all the way around to the back,
it's hard to get rid of all of them with a tummy tuck.
Maybe she had a Dlist plastic surgeon.She didn't get that
flat tummy from diet and exercise.She was pregnant 6 xs.
Why lie? I wonder how much she got paid to pull her pants down? I don't like Kate, but she looks fantastic. She's also classy.Octo is anything but classy.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Honestly I don't think it's possible that it looks like that without surgery.

hutch... hutchfam2007

Bring on the haters!!  She looks amazing because, as she reveiled on the Dr. Drew Show, she runs a minimum of 5 miles per day on her treadmill on the highest incline with weights in her hands. On top of that she continuously literally runs around the house to take care of all of her children with NO help for at least the last 6mo+. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Beths... Bethsunshine

How does she have time to walk on a treadmill for 5 miles taking care of all her kids?

Jordan Ryerson

Bethsunshine is right.  How in the hell can that woman have the time to run 5 miles when she has FOURTEEN kids to take care of?! without help! no way.  she's such a damn liar. and B list STAR?! More like F list white trash. give me a damn break.

hutch... hutchfam2007

She takes the time for herself to exercise because as she says herself, that is what keeps her SANE! I highly suggest anyone watch the Dr. Drew episode that focused on her. It will totally change your opinion of her. She also discussed how the octuplets came about in the show.

Also there have been reports of her having too much stress to handle and panic attacks. Too bad they're not from her kids but because of people making ASSumptions about her without even knowing her and because she has received plenty of death threats against herself and her innocent children...

Did anyone else see the Dr. Drew episode??

elfis... elfishpirat

Yeah, no. I'll bet anything she spent her kids' disability money on a tummy tuck

SueOr... SueOrder66

It's photoshopped.  It's not her body.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I think she may have something to contribute after all.She could probably offer us some good advice on prenatal and postanatal care. I'm amazed at the physical fact that she even had 8 healthy babies at once and was able to take remarkably good care of herself, and seems to be managing to take pretty good care of all of them now. Regardless of how she makes her money, that is an amazing accomplishment. 

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