12-Year-Old Boy Delivers His Own Baby Brother!

newborn boyWow. If I ever have another kid, I might just end up being really glad I let my 10-year-old watch all those episodes of House. I'm sure Vancouver mom Danielle Edwards is thankful that her 12-year-old son Gaelen watches "a bunch of medical shows": It's because of his TV habits, says the boy, that he knew what to do when he went into his mom's bedroom and saw his new baby brother's head crowning!

Apparently Danielle went into labor in her sleep, and when she woke up she was already pushing!


Crazy, right? I'm guessing the fact that this was Danielle's 5th child has something to do with it -- her body definitely knew the drill!

She was too far along to even stand when the pain woke her up at 2 a.m.; all she could do was scream for help. Luckily Gaelen heard her cries. Luckier still (thanks to all that time spent in front of the tube, of course), Gaelen kept his cool.

"I grabbed him by the shoulders and his head was resting on my wrists," Gaelen said. "Then I gently pulled him out and laid him on the bed."

Did I mention this kid is 12??

What he did next is pretty incredible, too. Gaelen went to the kitchen, got a pair of scissors, and cut the cord -- after making sure to clamp it first!

Unbelievable! All I know is, Danielle must be feeling like she hit the mom jackpot right about now. Not only did she raise a 12-year-old son quick-thinking enough to deliver his own baby brother, but said baby was born in perfect health (7 pounds, 9 ounces!).

Plus, at least one of her kids is clearly going to med school.

What would you do if you woke up in advanced labor?


Image via Big D2112/Flickr

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