When Your Pregnant Body Tells You to Eat Junk Food, Do It!

taco bellStop the presses!! January Jones, due to give birth to her first child in the fall, was spotted getting food at Taco Bell!! January Jones ran for the border! January Jones thought outside the bun!

January Jones indulged a wicked craving for some greasy processed cheese and ground beef-like substance slathered with hot sauce, that's what she did.

Good for her!

Look, I know what you're thinking ...


Taco Bell?! Good for her?? But it says in my book ...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read the same books back when I was expecting, the ones that harped endlessly on the importance of good -- nay, perfect -- nutrition during pregnancy. My first time around, I honestly was afraid that if I didn't meet my daily quota for dark, leafy green vegetables, my baby would pay for it, and for the rest of her life, too. Everything from the strength of her bones to what college she would eventually get into seemed to depend on my intake of kale, brown rice, and cottage cheese with wheat germ sprinkled on top. I was too terrified of the horrible consequences to eat most of the things I actually (desperately) craved: Donuts. Many donuts!!! Burgers. Milkshakes (real ones, not smoothies). Macaroni & cheese, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fluffy white rolls (not whole grain) and tons of butter. And to drink? Sprite.

She did turn out to be perfect, of course (perhaps I'm biased), but by the time I was pregnant with my son, my nutritional vigilance levels dropped considerably. Of course I wanted him to turn out just as great as my daughter, but I was more tired and hungry this time, and my cravings more distinct.

Defeated, I waved my white flag in the air and ate exactly what I felt like. For a solid couple of months, that happened to be ice cream, popcorn, and roast chicken. Particularly the crispy, fatty skin and dark meat. (Which I ordinarily can't stand.)

And guess what? Kid #2? Freakin' awesome. Granted, I took prenatal vitamins and made an effort to choke down a few healthy foods, but still.

So, January Jones, I say enjoy your Gordita!!!

Do you or did you give in to your pregnancy cravings?


Image via Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

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