The Best Pregnancy Advice Nobody Follows

pregnant friendsShe's only in the second trimester of her first pregnancy, but Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew is a natural in the role of Mom-to-Be. Maybe it's all the "great advice" she's getting from co-star Ellen Pompeo (whose daughter, Stella Luna, will turn 2 in September), but Drew seems to be handling everything from nausea to choosing a birth plan to maternity clothes-shopping with remarkable poise for a preggers rookie.

She even has some wise words for other expecting moms. How's that for precocious?!

And having been pregnant a couple of times myself, I can tell you that Drew's advice is good, solid counsel. See for yourself ...


"It is an interesting period in my life," says Drew. "My energy level is low, and I've felt so sick. It is easy to get down and feel sad and I feel like I'm not supposed to be sad right now. Like feeling down makes me non-maternal, because I'm not glowing and gushing all the time."

Sound familiar?

"But I realized that I needed to give myself a break, because my body is going through something dramatic," she continues.

Smart girl!

"So here is my piece of advice: Let your body feel how it feels, take naps, don't feel guilty about saying no to things. Your body is working so incredibly hard and it is expected not to feel like yourself. It's helpful to let go of the pressure to feel happy and cheerful all the time."

Right on, sister! I give Drew serious credit -- it takes a lot longer than a trimester and change for this life-changing epiphany to hit most of us. And even once we do figure out that mood swings are an acceptable, if not unavoidable, part of pregnancy, it's easy for us to forget and go back to beating ourselves up for feeling blah.

I'm sure Drew will figure this out for herself, but the same logic applies to postpartum emotions: Getting the baby blues, mild or not-so-mild, does NOT mean that you aren't absolutely in love with your baby.

It just means you're human.

Are you hard on yourself for feeling down because you think you're supposed to be happy about being pregnant 24/7?


Image via Jody Morris/Flickr

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