Twin Saves Sister's Life Before They're Even Born


twin toesThere is a bond between twins that's often so strong and powerful, it's almost eerie. Science can try to explain it, but sometimes it's just an inexplicable, amazing force that defies any reason. A recent case out of the UK is a perfect example of that force.

Andrea Goodrich went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound of her twins when doctors found a problem. According to a story in the Daily Mail, there was a "strange halo" around one of the girls' hearts and a tear in the amniotic sac. While further tests were ordered over the next couple of days, bleeding began, and her placenta was believed to have ruptured. Doctors told Goodrich and her husband that the twins stood no chance of living if they were born, and they waited for what they thought was an inevitable miscarriage while hospitalized.

Then something amazing happened.

The healthy twin, Nico, whose placenta was intact, moved into a position where she blocked the leaking. She stayed there long enough so that she and her sister, Kiki, had precious weeks in which to grow and increase their chances for survival. 

At 30 weeks, Andrea went into labor and had an emergency c-section. The girls were born small -- Nico at 3 pounds, 6 ounces, and Kiki at 3 pounds, 1 ounce -- but they were fine. After a few months in the special care nursery, both girls were healthy and headed home. Even Kiki's heart is fine. Andrea told the paper, "Doctors don’t know what it was they saw on the scan, but her heart has since developed perfectly normally."

She and her husband, Paul, say now at seven months, the twins are incredibly close and in tune to one another. They expect that bond that started in the womb to last a lifetime.

They like to be able to always see one another and already make each other laugh. And when they get older, we will tell both of them the reason they have such a special bond isn’t only because they shared a womb but because before they were even born, Nico saved Kiki’s life.

Whether you believe it's a miracle from up above or just a stroke of luck, it's an amazing story any way you look at it. I believe it shows how twins just intrinsically seem to sense, communicate, and protect one another from their earliest beginnings, and that Nico was a little hero before she was even born.

Have you witnessed the power of twins?

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sexygeni sexygeni

wow that is just amazing !!! god bless there little  hearts storkstork

Cara Duro Quinones

I want to cry now.  That's just absolutely beautiful...!!!!!!!!!!!

chixi... chixie421

Im a twin. I can attest to the bond between us. Me and my Sister are so close, that when one is down and depressed and cant figure out why, we call the other and it is usually the fact that she needed me or vice versa. It is amazing.

momyo... momyof49743

Love miracle stories of birth and delivery!!!!

CoolR... CoolRelax

I love this story - and I hope someday I can tell my twins that they were helpful to each other.  At 8 months there is a lot of pushing going on!

Virginia Livers

To God be the Glory!gives meaning to Jesus be a fence all around me.

Courtney Paige Neale

My best friend is a twin and his sister is like my big sister(and his, lol). They have an amazing bond! I love to hear stories from their mom about all the trouble they got into together :)

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