Dads-to-Be Should Wear This Pregnancy Simulating Vest

pregnant womanThere are a lot of things some men will just never understand -- a DVD box-set of The Hills, bath salts, and pregnancy being top among them. But thanks to a team of researchers in Japan, that might change. They've developed the 'Mummy Tummy,' a vest of sorts a man can wear that simulates being nine months pregnant.

Complete with full breasts and belly, the vest fills up with water in the stomach to mimic the unevenness, in the chest to simulate milk coming in, and using a series of actuators, the vest even simulates kicking. It stops kicking when the man soothes the "baby" (aka the sensors) by rubbing his belly.

The Mummy Tummy's realism was tested by women who have experienced pregnancy, and their reviews are surprising.


About 80 percent of women said that the Mummy Tummy was a fair representation of what being nine months pregnant really feels like.

The product is designed to help husbands become more empathetic. Nothing is wrong with a little empathy if you ask me, but it's too bad scientists haven't yet developed a belt that makes men feel what terrible period cramps are like, or a way for them to experience giving birth, or what it's like to wait in line for a half hour just to use a restroom, but the Mummy Tummy is a good place to start.

It's good for expectant fathers, but I also think the Mummy Tummy could be used in high schools around the country. Put that dang vest on every high school student, male or female, and see if teen pregnancy rates don't drop.

I would totally want my husband to feel what it would be like to be carrying around 15 pounds of watery goo and 9 pounds of baby around in his stomach. Seems only fair. The Mummy Tummy will likely be deployed to pregnancy classes and hospitals once it's further developed and tested.

So -- would you want your partner to try on the Mummy Tummy, or not really?

Photo via seanmcgrath/Flickr

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