Pregnant Fantasia Barrino Needs a Real Man for Her Baby


fantasia barrinoOh, Fantasia. I want to be happy for you, I really do. I want to believe that your babydaddy really is done with his "estranged" wife and that he'll be there for you and everything will work out and it'll be the happy ending you always dreamed of ... but I have my doubts.

My skepticism surrounding Fantasia Barrino and her future with boyfriend Antwaun Cook -- the two are expecting a baby in December -- isn't merely because Cook is still technically married to his wife Paula. It's because this isn't the first time Fantasia has been pregnant with Antwaun's baby ... and things didn't go so well the last go-round.

When Antwaun got Fantasia pregnant last year, he wasn't "estranged" from Paula. In fact, the marriage was important enough to Antwaun for it to be necessary for Fantasia to get an abortion so his wife wouldn't find out about his affair.

Now, I don't know for sure if Fantasia wanted to have that baby or not, but the way she announced her pregnancy with this baby leads me to believe that maybe she did: "God has given me this child. And I don't have to hide it from none of y'all."

So if she did want that first baby with Antwaun, and went ahead with the abortion for the sake of his wife ... well, isn't that just a slap in the face! No wonder Fantasia ended up trying to commit suicide at one point during the affair. She must have felt completely worthless. Most likely Antwaun was filling her head with all the classic married man promises: I'm gonna leave her, baby, I really am, I just can't do it yet. You're the one I want to be with, I swear. Oh, you're pregnant with my baby? Yeah, that's great ... but maybe now's not the best time, because of my wife. Why don't you get rid of this one and then we can have another one next year?

It makes me sick. Man up, Antwaun, and make your choice. Pregnant women need all the support they can get -- it's a challenging enough time without all the drama Fantasia is going to have to deal with. And I know a lot of people are going to get all cranky with me for saying that Fantasia needs support because she's a "home-wrecker" and she made her bed and now she has to lie in it and blah blah blah, but I don't care. It still makes me sad to see a mom-to-be struggle this way.

Do you think Fantasia's relationship with her baby's father will work out?


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angev... angevil53

there's three idiots in that relationship, first off the dude's married. so she's an idiot for wanting him, he's an idiot for wanting a woman like her, and his wife is an even bigger idiot for being with him AT ALL. who would be happy in such a messed up situation? no i don't think any of it will work out, because no matter what someone is going to be hurt. keep in mind she may be struggling BUT she didn't have to. if she were smart at all she'd leave him alone completely and take care of her kid.

nonmember avatar Anon

Assuming the abortion stuff is true - yet another proof that abortion is rarely the mother's free, heartfelt choice. If it's anyone's choice, it's usually the father or the mother's parents/friends. So much for empowering women.

blue_... blue_glass_mama

She is an idiot for having an abortion and then going back and having sex with him again!!

Christina Strickland

Absolutely not! Like my grandma always said if he will do it with you he will do it to you! Fantasia is his meal ticket once his wife leaves him and he is paying her alimony and he is done with Fantasia he will be suing her as well for some stupid amount of money. For her sake I hope it works out but things like this never do.

nonmember avatar The Truth

This is the first time I've seen a blog blast the man. Way to go! I feel the same way. The man always gets a pass and the "other woman" is labeled the "homewrecker" when it was HIM that made the vows to his wife not Fantasia or any other woman in this sort of situation.

For the sake of the four kids that will be between them I hope everything works out for the best for all parties involved.

nonmember avatar joyce wells

Fantasia,why are u ruining your life and career for a man that can't give you and your daughter anything but heartache?You learn from your mistakes not keep making them. did you have to be pregnant? Gog bless this poor baby.

nonmember avatar sexyc1

Mind your business!!!!!! Its her life her issue her decision. Why judge her? is anyone writing this perfect? look in your own closet and fix your problems. God will bless her and her baby no matter what. The act was a sin but the child is a blessing. Go find the Lord and be more compassionate to people's choices. She's not perfect she's just human. Her and the man have to see God one day and so do ALL OF YOU!!!!

Melis... Melissa042807

On one hand I feel bad for her, on the other I don't because she's a grown woman who can make her own choices. I've had friends get involved with bad guys so I can see both sides, I guess. But one thing holds true: Getting involved with a married man is pretty much never a good idea no matter who you are. I've never seen it end well. And it just creates waaaaaaaay too much drama.

nonmember avatar cw

How is she a homewrecker when the marriage was dissolved before she got with him?

I digress though. I agree that she is foolish, and I hope she isn't dumb enough to make him her manager either. I HOPE!

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