Delivery Room Video Camera Ban Coming to Your Hospital Next

ban video cameras from delivery roomCapturing those first moments of your baby's life on video may be incredibly important to you. After all, it's possible you may be too out of it from either euphoria, pain, or drugs to remember the details of the moment you became a mom. But some hospitals are banning recording devices in the delivery room, so families are left without a visual reminder of that moment in time.

You can understand why a hospital might not want the birth of a baby memorialized. While one reason given is the misconstruing of the situation in the event of a medical malpractice suit, the other is that doctors might act differently if they know they're on tape. Being more likely to use "defensive" measures to protect themselves, we might see the incidents of c-sections rise even further. So we can expect more and more hospitals to adopt this policy.

These are good reasons (the changing the way you would behave, not so much the protection from malpractice), but banning a video camera is pretty pointless.


Hello? It's 2011, and everyone has a smartphone. An incredibly easy way to snap video is to simply turn on the recording portion of your phone and keep it out of sight. Determined couples will still make the moment happen, and litigious folks will start the filming as soon as they think things may be going awry. There are way too many ways to capture things on tape these days, hence the wildly successful YouTube. You've heard of this, right?

Personally, I did not want on-camera accounts of the birth of my children. A lovely photograph once the babies were safe in my arms was a great option, and I'll always treasure that. And these same hospitals that are banning video cameras (it even sounds outdated, right?) are allowing them leading up to the birth, and right after. But having a video of my baby coming out of my vagina or my stomach -- no, thank you.

But for those of you who do want that caught on tape, don't sweat the ban. There's more than one way to film a baby.

Do you think cameras should be banned from the delivery room?


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