'Genius' Study Says Unplanned Pregnancies Yield Dumb Kids

smart babyThis post is going to be fun to write. Why, you ask? Well, because it gives me an excuse to do two things I really, really like to do: First, to brag about one of my kids, and second, to rant about the alarmist, data-skewing presentation of the results of yet another let's-blame-the-parents study. Fun!

The study itself, conducted by British researchers, was done to find out why kids from unplanned pregnancies tend to lag behind intellectually. Not surprisingly, the findings showed that this supposed intelligence gap can be blamed entirely on socioeconomic factors, not on the mere fact that these kids were "accidents" (a theory with such elitist implications I could vomit). But is that what the headlines are screaming??


NO, of course not. "Unplanned Children Develop More Slowly, Study Finds" and "Kids From Unplanned Pregnancies Tend to Lag Behind" are the attention-grabbing, completely misleading titles being thrown at the public. Wait a minute, isn't that exactly what the study just DIS-proved??

I guess it doesn't really matter, because most people will just glance at the headlines and use them to justify their already-existing biases against single mothers and out-of-wedlock sex and whatever else they deem "immoral."

Let the narrow-minded think what they want. The study proved them wrong, and I can too (here's where the bragging comes in!).

My first baby, the now 10-year-old Charlotte, was "unplanned." Yes, I was unmarried. Scandal!! Though we did get married before she was born, she was definitely what's known as a "surprise."

Fast-forward to the present. I wish I had room here to print my daughter's standardized testing scores from each year she's been in school, or that I could send you her most recent report card, or divulge her IQ (I'm not that much of a braggart). Suffice it to say, she's been developmentally and academically advanced since her infancy, one of those kids people like to call "too smart for her own good." (Which is true, but that's another story.) And if anyone ever tried to tell her she was anything less simply because her mom happened to get pregnant before she expected to ...

Well, I wouldn't have to do anything. My kid can defend herself, and quite eloquently too, because, guess what? She's smart.

Do you think society judges the children of unplanned pregnancies unfairly?


Image via Steve Tack/Flickr

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