Wash Your Baby's Clothes In These Non-Toxic Detergents

baby clothesWashing baby clothes in a special, gentle "baby" detergent falls into one of the many things we do when getting ready for baby to arrive. Many of us are now shifting away from the misleading "gentle" claims of "baby detergents" (that are often filled with many irritating chemicals and fragrances) and turning to detergents with more natural ingredients. Or so we think.

CBS News' independent lab studies of three of the leading, mainstream "green" detergents shows that they're really not that green after all, many contain some scary ingredients. Sadly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture allows any laundry detergent with 34 percent or more of bio-based carbon content to be categorized as a bio-preferred product, meaning it can be labeled "eco-friendly" or "green"... even with a third of it being petrochemicals! But I know some that are safer for newborn skin.



Biokleen Laundry Powder. I picked some up for around $20 (for 5 pounds!) and it's lasted me over four months now with plenty to spare, and I wash the whole family's clothes in it! They also just won the TreeHugger Best of Green 2010 Award winner for Best Cleaning Product!  The grapefruit scent is refreshing, and non-irritating.

Rockin' Green. Normally advertised for just cloth diapers, many people (me included!) use it for clothes, especially for sensitive kiddos. Fortunately, they'll be coming out with a line for cleaning products and detergent for the whole household! They have TONS of natural, healthy scents, like Lavender Mint Revival (my favorite!) and their new Earth, Wind and Orchids, and three different formulas designed to worth with different water types. You can only order online, but it's so worth it.

You can also look for the "Ecologo" on any product, which is a strict certification that products can apply for if they meet criteria that shows that it really, truly IS eco-friendly. They have a list of Egologo-approved detergents on their website that you can search, and find one you like.

What safe, eco-friendly detergents are your favorite?

Images via  joeshlabotnik/Flickr; Amazon.com; Rockin' Green; Ecologo

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