Baby Monitors: A Must-Have or No?

baby monitors

Sony Baby Monitor, $44.99, Babies R Us

A mom posted a question in Pregnancy about a specific baby monitor, one that can detect movement as well as sound (the one she asked about got mixed reviews from other moms). That got me thinking about baby monitors in general and whether or not most mommies-to-be have one on their registry. From time to time, I'll feature a product here and see what moms have to say -- up first:

Item: Baby monitor

Cost: From about $35 up to $200 +, depending on model and features; some monitor only sound, some monitor sound and movement, some are video monitors

Pros: It can let you know what baby's up to, especially if baby's room isn't near yours

Cons: It may provide more info than you need, thus causing some panicky parent moments or frequent sleep interruptions


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