What to Do When You're Overdue

overdue pregnantMy heart goes out to uber-preggers actress Selma Blair, now a reported two weeks past her due date. In the summer! Ladies, you know just how comfortable that scenario can be. Which is to say, it can't be comfortable. At all.

But what do you do when you're overdue? Well, the answer may be to do nothing whatsoever. First of all, no matter how much you feel like an overripe melon, you might not actually be past your time -- due dates are approximate; their calculation is far from an exact science.


If that's the case, you certainly don't want to be rushing off to get induced. Good lord, no. As much as you wish you could sleep on your stomach again, once that baby's here, you'll be dreaming about the long, uninterrupted naps you took when you were pregnant, so just hold your horses. Nap often. Nap all day. This is the last chance you'll get in a long time to spoil yourself silly, so do it!

Naturally, you'll want to stay as cool and hydrated as possible. At the end of my second pregnancy, I lived on ice cream, popsicles, lemonade -- I don't think I ate a hot meal for the last month. So what? It was fun.

You'll also want to cram in lots and lots of entertainment. If you can manage to squeeze into a movie theater seat, definitely go to see every single movie that interests you in the slightest bit, because, again, not to sound like the voice of doom, but it's gonna be a while before you go to another one.

If you + movie theater seat = sardine + can, then your next option is clear: You must lie around in your air-conditioned house watching movies/catching up on your favorite series 24/7. Yes, this is your assignment. Take it seriously, you must.

Oh, and if you absolutely have to take a break from napping/watching movies/TV, then you can supplement your day with some trashy celeb magazine reading. Anything higher-brow than People is absolutely not allowed.

Are you "overdue"? How do you plan on spending your time?


Image via Sonya Green/Flickr

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