The Painful Reality of Big Babies

screamA boy in Britain is making headlines for being born at 13 pounds, 2 ounces and ranking among Britain's all-time biggest babies. Considering Texas just saw the birth of a 16-pounder, that sounds like a tiny little tot in comparison, but it's still a big baby. So big that baby Christopher Foreman actually cracked his mother's pelvis as he entered the world. Ouch.

His mother, Jennifer Foreman, was expecting a baby weighing about 8 pounds, as that's what doctors told her she could expect. She started having misgivings about their accuracy as she gained 5 stone (about 70 pounds), and they were confirmed as her little guy started to arrive.


Even though she heard the crack at the beginning of her six-hour labor, she went on to deliver the baby naturally. Naturally. That means she pushed all 13-plus pounds out with no drugs, nothing. Can I get another ouch?

She told the Daily Mail:

The midwife put him on the scales and then took him off again to reset them as she thought they must be wrong. So they weighed him again three times just to make sure. They were all absolutely amazed that I’d given birth to him naturally -- and so was I.

She is one tough woman. Wow. As to why he was so big, no one is sure. She did not have gestational diabetes, which the mother of the 16-pounder did have (she also had a c-section). Her daughter was born at 9 pounds, 14 ounces, which is a pretty big baby too, so perhaps it's just genetic.

While we know big babies are at risk for obesity and diabetes later in life, so far, it doesn't appear he's suffered any complications from his large start. Hopefully he'll continue down a healthy path. His mother, however, I'm guessing will never be able to erase the sound of her pelvis cracking from her memory ... nor will I, even though I've only heard it in my mind.

How large were your babies? Can you imagine giving birth to a 13-pound baby with no drugs?

Image via bixentro/Flickr

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