When Home Birth Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

People in the US just do not get home birth, and comedian Daniel Tosh's recent clip of a home birth and commentary on it was both hilarious and kind of depressing.

Given the way birth is viewed in our culture, it isn't a shock that so many people are confused and scared by the process and seem to think that all births should be in an anesthetized, sterile environment, but it isn't so. Birth can be safe at home as well, and women around the world practice giving birth this way.

Less popular here, home birth, especially in the water, is pretty easily mocked. And one clip from a birth TV show that Tosh showed on Comedy Central featured a woman breathing deeply and then birthing on her own in her own tub:


Obviously, he is being funny when he says, "The miracle of life will really clog the drain" and "That vagina should be good as new tomorrow." Maybe I am overly sensitive, but having given birth, some of it rubbed me the wrong way. But his overall message was this: "I don't see what's so hard about child birth. It looks super relaxing!"

Hilarious, right? But he is sort of hitting on what I wish there were more of in the US. We need to get away from the idea that birth is this mysterious, terrifying medical procedure that requires intervention.

Tosh is funny, but he is also right. Birth can be (sort of) relaxing. And it can certainly be done outside the hospital.

We will just ignore that whole bit about the puppy ...

Did you think he was funny?


Image via Comedy Central

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