Special Teas That Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy

I adore tea. In fact, I love it about as much as I love coffee (which certainly says something!), and we have a huge stash of many different kinds. So imagine how pleased I was while pregnant to learn how many different types of teas are beneficial to pregnant women!

I'm not just talking about the mint tea that was the only liquid I could keep down in the first trimester, but other teas. Both individual types and also blends can help cure what ails ya, from morning sickness and heartburn. There are types that can even help tone your uterus to prepare for birth.

Not to mention, they taste great.


For the dreaded morning sickness, check out teas that have natural mint of some type. Also, ginger tea is a big help, according to many the nauseous mama. Earth Mama Angel Baby's Morning Wellness Tea ($5.97) has ginger and spearmint as the first two ingredients, so it's pretty likely it'll help quell the queasies while getting you hydrated.

If you've got heartburn, mint wins another prize for usefulness. Additionally, teas with marshmallow root, chamomile, and rooibos blends are all noted as beneficial in calming down your GI tract and stopping the pain.

Looking for a good overall pregnancy tea? You want red raspberry leaf. This particular herb is the pregnancy powerhouse, named often for "uterine toning and healthy" -- studies actually show it can aid in decreasing the length of labor, and even in assisted deliveries or cesareans. It can possibly help cure nausea, decrease labor pains, and increase milk production. Wow! If you don't love tea, this herb is beneficial enough that you should consider taking it in pill form throughout your third trimester.

Other helpful ingredients that are also safe for pregnancy to look for include:

Lemon balm, said to help calm nerves, whether you're anxious or irritable.

Dandelion root or leaves are rich in vitamin A and can possibly help relieve some mild edema (swelling!).

Stinging nettles are in many pregnancy teas, and high in many vitamins, making this another great pregnancy "powerhouse" herb. It's noted for helping reduce post-partum bleeding, hemorrhoids, and leg cramps.

It's worth noting that all of the above are herbal teas -- that is, they're not true 'teas' made from tea leaves, but are made from berries, flowers, seeds, and leaves from other non-tea plants. It also means they're caffeine-free!

Did you drink teas while pregnant? Which were your favorites?


Images via Earth Mama Angel Baby; Republic of Tea

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