IVF Lotto Will Give Would-Be Parents the Chance of a Lifetime

pregnant bellyImagine buying a lottery ticket, but instead of the grand prize being straight up cash, you'd receive tailored fertility treatment. That's the name of the game for a charity called To Hatch in Britain. Starting on July 30, they'll be launching their "Win a Baby" lotto by selling £20 tickets to couples, as well as singles and gay people hoping to conceive.

The lotto winners will be awarded £25,000 to use toward one cycle of IVF along with complimentary therapy, accommodations, and travel costs. If IVF isn't suitable, they could use the money toward donor eggs, reproductive surgery, or surrogate birth. Singles could spend on donor sperm, or a surrogate mother and donor embryo.

Although it may seem like a gift of a lifetime to some, the "baby lotto" has tongues wagging.


The country's Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority has said they're worried that giving IVF away as a prize "trivializes" reproduction.

But the founder of the charity, 37-year-old Camille Strachan -- who was inspired to set up the competition after her own struggle to conceive -- sees the lottery as a way to "offer some hope to those who cannot afford to attend private fertility treatment clinics in areas where IVF has been stopped by [publicly funded health care]."

I'm with Strachan and hope her lottery gets to see the light of day.

What do you think -- is an IVF lottery wrong?

Image via John Hope/Flickr

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