Casey Anthony's Pregnancy Fantasy Is a Delusional Best


striped shirt pregnancy pregnant bellyWhen she is released from jail, which could be as early as tomorrow morning, Casey Anthony wants to get pregnant again ... have another baby ... another child. Yes, she has said as much in letters she has written in jail. Of all the freedom wishes she expressed, hearing this wish makes me completely sick to my stomach.


This is not a woman who deserves to receive the precious gift of motherhood again. Casey Anthony already had a chance at motherhood, and she doesn't deserve another chance no matter how you look at it. Of course, it's also unfortunately not for any of us to decide.

Approximately 99 percent of Americans (just a guess) believe Casey Anthony killed her toddler Caylee, either on purpose or by accident. Even if we go with Casey's defense team's story, which scored her a "not guilty" verdict, we're still talking about a neglectful, pathological liar who put her daughter's drowned body in a bag, duct taped it, threw her in a swamp, and went out partying and more with friends for 31 days. She even got a tattoo on her back that translated as "Beautiful Life" during that time. These are facts, verdict or no verdict, that conclude that Ms. Casey Anthony is totally GUILTY of being a horrible mother.

This is not the kind of behavior you see in a loving mother. This is not a person who respects the gift she was given via her precious daughter Caylee. This is a woman who took heartwarming love from Caylee and then completely destroyed her in the end.

In Casey Anthony's jailhouse letters to fellow inmate Robyn Adams over the past few years, she talks about having pregnancy dreams. She tells Adams she's thought about adopting a child because "there are so many children that deserve to be loved."

Yeah, like her daughter Caylee, who she brought into this world and, by many accounts, neglected and dishonored. If she had any love to give, she could have and should have given it to Caylee.

In the letters, Casey even invites Adams to join her in some sort of weird pregnancy pact, "Let's make a deal ? let's get pregnant together ? if it's really possible to plan it."

The fact that Casey was even thinking about having another child while sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for the murder of her only daughter proves her delusional mindset. She's obviously living in some sort of warped, self-centered world with no basis in reality. For her to even think (again, even under the fake story she made up for herself) she is ready to mother another child is really the insanity icing on her crazy cake.

Motherhood is not something you partake in when you're not getting enough attention. It is not something you enter into lightly. It is not something you enact to try to soothe your damaged soul. Motherhood is a gift and an honor of which Casey Anthony is simply not worthy. For this reason, I sure wish it wasn't so easy to achieve.

God help us all if she turns up pregnant again. Of course, it's a highly possible scenario when she walks away a free woman tomorrow or soon after that. Whether or not she is branded a "horrific mother" and/or a "child murderer" in our minds, that "not guilty" verdict allows Casey Anthony to do whatever her delusional heart and mind desire.

Do you think Casey Anthony will be pregnant before long?


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prplecat prplecat

Right after I heard the verdict, I said that she would be pregnant within 6 months.  And I had not heard this story yet.  She's a self-centered, attention seeking biotch.

Justa... Justamom283

I am afraid so along with a spread in People Magazine about how "The baby changed my life". <gag>

starl... starlight1968

omg any man that's gets near her better run like their ass is on fire the other way...and yeah who in their right mind is gonna let her adopt...she'll have a record.

poshkat poshkat

sadly there are men out there who would sleep with her, marry her, and have a child with her.

Lovem... Lovemykidstw

I pray that God doesnt allow her to become pregnant! This whole story makes me sick! No one would let her adopt a child!!!

Wesley Leonard

Yes, she will find a man to marry and have children with. And she won't have a hard time finding one. Many weirdos will be clamoring to be with her.

popta... poptart0325

I hope no man is stupid enough to sleep with her... but I'm sure there's some weird-o out there who will. Just the thought of her caring (if you can even use that word) for another child terrifies me!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Pity we couldn't just sterilize her before setting her loose. Pesky constitution...

mamad... mamadismay

I cried when I heard the verdict. It disgusts me that this woman is free to have more children. The only thing she deserves is a lonely miserable life.

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