Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 7, Countdown to Baby


weekly pregnancy calendar

Photo by bam61907

Ahhh, pregnancy -- it's happy news! And I thought it might be fun and informative to have one of our newly-pregnant mamas share with others what's happening with her and her developing baby on a weekly basis for a while. bam61907 has graciously agreed to share some pregnancy deets. She's a 19-year-old working mama-to-be living in Alexandria, Virginia with her hubby. She's 7 weeks along, and due on July 8, 2009. Here's what's up this week.


First, here's what's happening with the baby's development at week 7

Though a woman's not even two full months pregnant yet, the baby is already starting to loosely resemble, well, a baby! Although he's still technically an embryo. Arms, legs, and facial features are beginning to take shape, and a tiny, two-chambered heart is thump-, thump-, thumping away. He's even starting to make spontaneous movements in there, though it's too soon for the mama-to-be to feel anything.

Next, here's what's happening with bam61907

What was the coolest part of being pregnant this week?

When I sleep, it's a really good sleep -- I'm so tired, I just knock right out.

What kind of bummed you out?

Nausea and my face breaking out.

I know this week was your first visit with your OB -- what happened?

It was an orientation, then meeting with the nurse and lots of blood work. I made my second appointment for December 15th, when I'll get my first look at the baby!

What's going on in the relationship department?

My husband is starting to accept my moodiness more!

How are you feeling physically? Experiencing any symptoms?

I'm just physically tired -- and my breasts feel really heavy.

Can you sum up pregnant life in one word for the week?



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