Boys Beat Out Girls As Most-Wanted Baby

baby boyThis was my first reaction to the results of a new poll revealing that if they could only choose one child, more Americans would prefer a boy over a girl: Where are my pearls? I need to get all dolled up to vacuum the house before Ward and "the Beav" get home!

Seriously, what is this, 1958? Are we in China? I know we're a long way from gender equality, but I was still shocked to hear that the majority of our country apparently values males over females.

Except ... wait. Look a little bit closer at those Gallup poll results and the big picture begins to come into focus.


Turns out it's a certain sort of American who's hung up on the idea of having a son. You'll never guess which type! Get ready to fall off your chair!! Okay, here goes ... MEN! Men want sons. I know, are you freaking out?? Wait, wait. There's more. Oh my god, you're never going to believe this. Guess the political persuasion of most of these son-hungry dudes? Nope, not fascist ... REPUBLICAN!

It's just so crazy, isn't it? I mean, you'd think Republican men thought of women as second class citizens or something. You'd think they were secretly scared of women taking over their big important roles in society, maybe even enough to, oh, I don't know, nominate the most dim-witted females walking the planet for office as part of one big smear campaign against our gender!

But I digress. Once I realized who was tipping the scales here, my second reaction to these results was that of deep concern for the pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant wives of said Republican men. I'll use a little parable from my personal life to explain why: Once there was a young girl (me) who was madly in love with her highly charismatic (not unlike a politician), domineering, womanizing (again, not unlike a politician) boyfriend. Said boyfriend always talked about how much he wanted a son someday. But alas, the girl and the boyfriend parted ways, and the boyfriend married another girl. They had a baby. A girl. Then they had another girl. And another. And another. They had seven daughters before that poor exhausted wife finally popped out a baby boy.

The moral of the story is: Thank god I didn't end up with that guy.

Would you really care if you had a son or a daughter, as long as your baby was healthy?

Image via D. Sharon Pruitt/Flickr

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