Pregnant Police Officer's Heroic Rescue Shows Power of Mothers-to-Be

Pregnant Fighter
Pregnant & Powerful
For all the job discrimination pregnant women face, and even discrimination against just being in certain establishments, here's a story that proves how powerful pregnant women are and how pregnancy doesn't have to prevent one from doing most anything.

Malydia Owen is six months pregnant and works as a police officer in New Bern, North Carolina. Recently she was assisting during a summer camp when she saw a 14-year-old boy drowning.


She described the scene to ENC Today:

Three of the members of camps were in the inside pool playing. They were in an area where their heads were above water. One of the boys slipped into a deeper area. His head went down twice and the third time he went down he had a frightened look on his face.

She didn't yell for a nearby lifeguard or anyone else to rescue him, rather she jumped in, fully clothed, and saved him herself.

I grabbed him and pulled him up. As I was pulling him up, the lifeguard jumped in and helped.

Truly heroic and amazing that she did so while six months pregnant. Her baby can one day say he helped save someone's life before he was even born.

While some women have complications that limit them physically, there's not much most can't do while pregnant. From running to swimming and, yes, even just working at their regular job, pregnancy does not zap one's power and capabilities. In fact, sometimes it may enhance it.

Kudos to Owen for providing such a shining example of just how capable and strong pregnant women are. 

What's the most the most amazing thing you did while pregnant?

Image via dizznbonn/Flickr

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