How to Pose for Belly Shots Like You're Really Enjoying Your Pregnancy

pregnant belly shotI kind of hate having my picture taken -- I hate fake smiling with a chin tilt, I hate how I have to maneuver to get my flabby arm just right, and most of the time, I wind up hating the end result. I know, it's juvenile, especially since, if I'm being honest, I actually look just fine in pictures.

But, just as I was pulling into my second trimester, I decided that I really wanted to take photos of my pregnant belly every couple of weeks. I'm not sure if I wanted them for myself, if I wanted them for my children, or if I just wanted some shots to send to my friends and family back East. Regardless, it's one of the best things I've done during my pregnancy, and I can't wait to look back at them one day, with my sons in my arms, and marvel at how that belly grew two babies.

Of course, taking belly shots is a completely personal thing and everyone has their own way that they like to do them -- naked, completely covered, painted, and bedazzled. But, here's what worked for me...


Make sure to smile: This was the very first picture we took and I don't know if I thought I was posing for a fashion spread or what, but that sourpuss look on my face definitely doesn't scream, "Happy, glowing, pregnant lady!" Instead, it looks like the "before" photo on an ad for unmanageable hair or gastric bypass surgery. I learned my lesson after this one and made sure to smile big for every picture after that.

sad face pregnant
Hi Debbie Downer!

Start at the first sign of pooch: I took my first pictures at week 14, when I had just started to see that bump growing. To make sure there was a clear shot of the belly, I put my arms behind me, with my hands on my butt, so it probably looks like I'm intentionally arching my back. I swear, I'm not. Belly is shown actual size ...

14 week belly shot
14 weeks -- just the beginning!

Take pictures from the side and the front: I didn't do this, and I wish I had, especially when I started to realize that my belly wasn't sticking out as much as it was getting wider. Of course, this also means you might become more aware of your expanding hip width and disappearing waistline as well. But, at least you'll get a more accurate account of your growth, right?

Aim to take a belly photo at least once a month: In the beginning, I was fairly ambitious about the whole picture-taking process and was literally doing bump shots every two weeks. Inevitably, I lost steam. But, back in the second trimester, I tried to take pictures on the same day as my OB appointments, so I could have 4-D images of the baby to go with my 2-D belly pics. This was taken on the day of my anatomy scan ...

22 week picture
22 weeks and growing!

Get at least some with your shirt on: A lot of pregnant women prefer to take bare belly shots, which gives you a better glimpse of the blue veins pumping blood to your little one, that dark line running down your tummy, or your newly-popped navel. While you should definitely take those if you want them, make sure to have some with a shirt on. Many will enjoy seeing you au naturel, but some (including your future child) might prefer to see the bump covered up. If you are taking these pictures with a shirt on, try to wear the same color top each time to more accurately mark the belly growth. I wore black in every picture to get a good silhouette against the light green wall. That way, you can even turn it into a flipbook. Anyway, look at how far I've come...

33 week belly
33 weeks with twins -- I can't believe how much the belly has grown!

Have you been taking regular belly shots too?

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