Pregnancy Simulation Dress Gets It All Wrong (VIDEO)

pregnancy simulation dressHave you ever wondered what it really feels like to be pregnant? Or just feel like feelin' pregnant? Now you can with the new Pregnancy Simulation Dress!

The dress, made in Japan, uses a four-liter bag of warm water to imitate the fetus, and the lining of 45 balloons that expands and contracts to simulate kicking movements. The purpose of this dress is to help men better understand what pregnancy is like. But there's one small flaw that may prevent men from getting the "full effect." It simulates nine months of pregnancy in two minutes flat.


To that I say: What is the point of this? The last time I checked, there was a big difference between 120 seconds and 24,105,600. Yeah, I did math. Jealous?

To me, it seems like there was a lot of money spent -- and a lot of research conducted -- in order to make something totally pointless. Two minutes can't explain pregnancy. And what about all the side effects that come along with it? Will men be racked with morning sickness the first five seconds of wearing the dress? Will there be wild mood swings at around 58? And will the last 10 bring on swollen ankles? A pregnancy dress is nothing like the real thing. Valiant effort for trying to understand better, dudes, but really this does no justice.

The other thing that bugs me about this is: What's up with all the science going on lately to mimic pregnancy and the things that come along with it? First there was the dude who wanted to see if he could tolerate labor, now this? Pregnancy is a beautiful, natural thing that can't be duplicated or totally explained for a reason. Whaddaya say we just leave it at that?

See the dress for yourself:

What do you think of this madness?


Image via New Scientist

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