Only Annoying Pregnant Women Do This ...

pregnancy announcement cardsWhen a woman learns she is pregnant, the joy (usually) is overwhelming. One simply can't think about anything else other than this incredible news that another human -- her future son or daughter -- is actually growing there, right there, inside her. Never mind it has happened to women since the beginning of time (literally), it often feels like she's the first and only person ever to embark on the experience.

Throw in some hormones -- lots of hormones -- and it's not uncommon for some inner attention whore to break out during pregnancy. Typically the resulting behavior doesn't hurt anyone, but it may annoy everyone who is subjected to it. Because of said hormones and the euphoria, most pregnant women likely won't realize it. In fact, they often behave as if what they're doing is expected of them. It's not.


For example, what's up with pregnancy announcement cards? Creative ways to tell close family and friends the exciting news are one thing, but when it comes to actually ordering printed cards (like the one above from Zazzle that is $2.95 per card!), putting postage stamps on them, and mailing them to everyone in your address book, that's a bit obnoxious and a waste of trees.

Birth announcements are one (debatable) thing, but just say no to the pregnancy announcement cards. Besides, what a great Facebook post!

As for a Facebook account for your unborn baby to give updates to the world from your womb -- don't even think about it.

Another highly annoying habit of pregnant couples today -- the gender reveal party. I'm sure there are cards for this purpose too, but a party just to say boy or girl before the baby arrives is about as ridiculous as it gets. People may come for the cake, but they're probably rolling their eyes all the way there. Get some really good cake if you have one of these.

Throw in a few huge, extravagant baby showers, an endless stream of Facebook belly shots and tweets about each kick, hiccup, and craving, and you too can be an extremely annoying pregnant woman.

That being said, it's hard to find fault with someone who is that excited about her child and the amazing experiences that lie ahead of them. So if we all have to endure a little annoyance in the name of her spawn, it's not the worst thing that can happen. Besides, it's not that we don't care, it's just that we don't care that much.

What's the most annoying thing you've done while pregnant? What things do pregnant women do that annoy you?

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