Giving Yourself a Baby Shower Doesn't Make You Selfish!

baby showerBaby showers are a tricky business, high-pressure for all involved parties. Whoever's throwing the shower -- be it a sister, mother, or best friend -- feels duty and conscience bound to fulfill the mom-to-be's every Queen for a Day fantasy, while the actual star of the show is faced with the uncomfortable (some would say unbearable) task of appearing consistently glowing and overflowing with gratitude for the party's entire two- or three-hour span.

This is especially difficult considering what you, as the expectant mom, will really be feeling, which is a wild mix of sappy sentimentality ("Aww! Look at the tiny socks!") to disappointment ("Oh boy, more tiny socks.") to bewildering sorrow ("How will I ever get these tiny socks to stay on the baby's feet? I'm not fit to be a mother! Boo-hoo-hoo!"). So why not save your loved ones and yourself the trouble of staging living up to each other's expectations and throw your own baby shower?


If you feel weird or guilty or greedy about the idea, take a step back and consider the following basic facts:

  • Nobody likes planning or playing baby shower games (oh, you do? Really? It's super fun for you to guess how many pink M&Ms are in the baby bottle? Please!). No one will expect these seemingly mandatory diversions at a shower you give yourself.
  • Nobody in your life, no matter how much they love you, wants to agonize over what type of sandwiches/cake/baked ziti/salad you want at your shower, only to watch you show up and burst into tears because the frosting "doesn't taste right." (Hormones!)
  • Nobody relishes the thought of spending hours wandering the aisles at Party City wondering if the plastic yellow rattle favors are gender-neutral enough, or if in your highly sensitized state, you'll think she's secretly trying to give away your big secret ("Everybody knows yellow is for girls! Boo-hoo-hoo!").

So you see? There really is no reason to feel selfish or strange at all about throwing your own baby shower. You'll be doing yourself and everyone else a favor.

Would you give yourself a baby shower?


Image via tinaxduzgen/Flickr

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