Man 'Simulates Labor' to See If He's Tougher Than Women (VIDEO)

man with labor painsOh, men, you make me laugh so hard sometimes. For it is only a member of your sex who would actually conduct an experiment to see who has a higher threshold for pain -- women or men -- by simulating labor contractions on yourself. Now why would you go and do that?

A doctor in Australia hooked himself up to a bunch of electrodes that simulated the "same level of pain" brought on by childbirth (he had a mother of four test it before him to make sure it was painful enough -- yeah, I would volunteer for that). The highly scientific results of this single man who took part in this concluded that women have a higher pain tolerance. I believe his findings were reached by the amount of times he said, "Ow" and "That hurts."

I didn't know we were in a competition, ladies, but ... yay, us? And, you know, not to split hairs here, but as long as we're celebrating, let's not forget that he didn't have to go through the act of actually being pregnant or, you know, giving birth.


Even if you think this is ridiculous -- which, let's be honest, it is -- watch the video, because it is sure to bring but the smallest chuckle to you on this Monday afternoon. Perhaps I'm sadistic, but I couldn't help but smile as this doctor writhed in pain.

I mean, if this "experiment" was really just a way for this guy to get a better idea of what his wife, sister, or mother went through, it would be sweet. But the fact that it was to see "who's tougher" just makes it kind of weird. Maybe that's why I laughed? I mean, could you picture a woman taking part in some sort of test to see if she could tolerate something men do? I can't. And not because women are scaredy cats, because they're not dumb.

The other thing about this little project that bugs me a bit is obviously we all knew the outcome. I mean, you can tell this man is in serious pain -- and everybody knows labor isn't exactly a walk in the park -- but could you imagine if he finished and was like, "Big deal. Dudes are totally tougher"? He would be the most hated man ever!

I don't know, guys. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something about this video rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's the fact that the video is actually titled, "A Man Experiencing Childbirth."

Check it out:

What do you think of this "experiment"?


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