Celebrity Homebirths Make Me Feel Like a Loser

I never thought I could be one-upped on my hippy, natural birth during which I both burned incense AND listened to Enya (true story), but I gave birth in a hospital, which officially means I have been "out hippied" by the likes of many celebrities, including Nick Hexum who last week delivered his OWN BABY at home.

The baby came fast and furious so their planned homebirth with a midwife became a sudden one with only dad there to catch her. So, yeah. No one can out-hippy him. But of course, he isn't the only celeb to plan a home birth.

In fact, it seems the latest trend in Hollywood is not to deliver at the hospital. And why not?


These celebs have beautiful homes with plenty of room for birthing tubs and money that most of us don't have for midwives who aren't covered by insurance (because it's a home birth). Think of Mayim Bialik and Gisele Bundchen and Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford and Alyson Hannigan and many, many more.

And as celebs start to be more open about home birth, it seems more and more "real" people are doing it as well. And that is great. Natural birth, unaided by drugs or doctor interventions, is a completely viable and wonderful option for most women.

Personally, I didn't choose to do my doctor and drug-free birth at home because I wanted the little spa trip to the hospital and my house isn't very restful, but most normal people find their house to be a more peaceful, relaxing place to give birth.

Mad props should be given to the natural birth advocates who are out there proving that birth can be an uncomplicated, relatively peaceful experience. That said, it isn't a trend. Every person should do the birth that is best for them and I have started to notice among my friends the teensiest bit of competition, as in:

"Oh you had an unmediated hospital birth? Well, I had a home birth." And then:

"Oh you had a home birth? Well, I had an unassisted water birth!" And then:

"Oh you had an unassisted water birth? Well, I birthed in the woods with only the wolves to guide me."

You get the drift. At a certain point, we need to get past the competition, the comparison, and the silly one-ups and realize we are all doing the same thing: Trying to give birth to healthy, happy babies in healthy and happy ways. There is no one right way to do that.

Do you feel home birth competition?


Image via birthersage/Flickr

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