Dads-to-Be Deserve a Party Before Baby Comes

bachelor partyPreggos are P-O'd. It seems Dads-to-be are moving in and stealing their thunder with a new event called the Dadchelor Party, and Mama don't like it one bit. And you all know what they say about what happens when mama's not happy? Well, get over it ladies.

Because the Dadchelor Party -- also called the dadelor party -- is the soon-to-be a proud papa's equivalent to the bachelor party before the wedding. And with us being treated to a baby shower where we can put up our cankles and be waited on while fawning toddlers bring us boxes coated in pastel paper and ribbons, is it any wonder the guys are itching for their own shindig? Come on y'all, he deserves this!


OK, I'm joking.

Half joking.

I'm one of those moms who is firmly in the "parenting is a two-person activity" camp (provided there are two people around, this is not a swipe at single parents -- I respect the HECK out of your juggling skills). And I know that my life wasn't the only one that went topsy turvy in a moment when our daughter was born. His was too.

So I wonder what it would have been like if we'd each had a night out before she came along. Babymoons for couples are commonplace enough, usually to celebrate the beauty of your coupledom and remind you how important you are to one another before suddenly your communication is limited to "But I changed her poopy diaper laaaaaaaaaaast time" and "Don't you dare tell me you let your mother feed the baby a bottle. I'm breastfeeding!"

Parenting is hard on a relationship, but it can be hard on one's psyche too. You end up forgetting you're more than just "Billy's Mom." And ladies, HE forgets he's more than just "Billy's Dad."

You don't see the commercials about the Dad who walks into work with spit-up on his shoulder. You don't hear much about Daddy's postpartum depression. You don't have a whole lot of Daddy groups online for the guys to talk about how much they miss their kids during the day. But all that happens too.

They don't give birth. They don't lactate. But they live for their kids too. So why shouldn't Dad get one night before baby comes to remind them, hey, I'm a great guy who can go out and have a great time. It could be the night to get him through the darkest night with the stinkiest diaper.

Do you think dads deserve a dadchelor party?

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