World's Best Mom Makes Ultimate Sacrifice to Help Daughter Have Baby


pregnany bellyWe all like to say that there's nothing in the world we wouldn't do for our kids. But Eva Ottosson might top us all. The Swedish mom is giving her daughter her uterus in the world's first-ever womb transplant from mother to daughter.

The transplant -- slated for next year -- is 25-year-old Sara's only chance at ever becoming pregnant on her own after being born without a uterus, and she really couldn't do it without her mom. We'll pause for your tissue break. Just stow a few extras (don't say we didn't warn you!).

So far, the only womb transplant ever done before was between strangers, and it failed after a few months. But this is different. This is family. These are common genes. This is the very womb that carried Sara herself for nine months.

It's pretty crazy stuff if you think about it. We've heard of the grandmothers carrying grandchildren in their wombs for daughters struggling with infertility. Those are amazing sacrifices, and they're not to be diminished. But there's something about the ability to get pregnant, isn't there? It's why couples spend thousands of dollars every year on infertility treatment, so that one might carry a baby in her own stomach, feel the child kick and burp and squirm.

What's happening in Sweden is a sacrifice one mom -- Eva Ottosson -- is making for her own daughter. She's undergoing major surgery and the after-effects of living with a complete hysterectomy. When we say, "I'll do ANYTHING for my kids," we don't always think about what "anything" entails. Major surgery is major surgery. It can kill you!

But I love Eva's attitude. Going into it all, she says she's got her two kids, the uterus served her well, so why the heck NOT do this? How do you argue with that? That's what we're there for, right? To be the voice of reason for our kids? 

If it's successful, Ottosson will be like a grandmother to thousands more kids in the sense of being the ground-breaker on this successful new means of fertility treatments. If she can do this for her daughter, then we as moms who say, "I'd do anything for my kids" will have the ability one day -- if need be -- to do it ourselves, to save our daughters from the pain and stress of infertility and give them the beautiful gift of pregnancy and motherhood.

What's the most amazing thing your mom has done for you?


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nonmember avatar Annie

I'm sorry, but this story did not make me teary-eyed in the least. I guess I have a totally different point of view, but as someone who has undergone organ transplant for absolutely dire reasons, with no other alternative, I have a hard time understanding why someone who do that voluntarily and risk two lives when there are so many children out there who need good homes. I am also an adoptee, so I admit that I always feel inclined to advocate for adoption over drastic medical procedures to induce conception - I understand why women want "their own" children, but sometimes the lengths that people will go to to ensure passing on their DNA seems excessive.

Jaime Swift Sundin

I really hope that this works for her so she can feel the same joy her mother felt carrying her...

mamao... mamaof4toddlers

annie I'm adopted too but theres nothing better than the feeling of baring your own child yes some want  to carry and others. For some people adoption just isn't the same yes there are alot of children out there but kudoos to this mom for doing this. 

Kimberly Virga

This did not make me teary eyed either. I'm in the school of thought (the unpopular school of thought, I know) that if you cannot have children for some reason, than you should adopt; if it is physically impossible for you to carry kids, there is a reason for it. I know I will get tremendously bashed for that, and especially since I have two children of my own; I can't imagine the longing and not being able to physically conceive or carry a child. However- you say that is will work because it's "common genes"- maybe, but that's hardly a 100%. A transplant is a transplant; it is something taken from someone's body into someone else's. It is an entirely different immune system, and the cells have different markers on them which tells the persons' immune systems it is okay or it is foreign. The uterus may work for a while, but could still (very likely) be rejected eventually, or she could (God forbid) develop another disease or issue because of it. Or God forbid she does get pregnant, and that happens while the child in is utero. I think we mess with nature way, way too much. Not a good idea.

yvonne37 yvonne37

The idea is a great one for those who have the issue of infertility.  But I have to agree with some of the posts here, why mess with nature when there are other means of becoming a mother, to me, it is a better idea to adopt, you are saving a child's life and making your dream of becoming a mom a reality. Now I do understand how women that cant conceivefeel and I can see why a women would want to "feel" the pregnancy... I just think that is a lot of risk for it.  So I have to applaud  this mother for being there for her daughter in every way possible, but I still think its not necessary.  To each its own. I wish her good luck.

chick... chickofapaw

I think this mother is wonderful for doing what she is doing. If women are saying that adopting a child is saving a life, then shouldn't we all be out there adopting and saving lives? Does it occur to anyone that adoption is not something you can just go do? It is harder to adopt than to have a biological child.

    Also, do you ever stop and think before the phrase," a child of her "own" is used? An adopted child is that mother's own child. Not biological, no, but still her own.

Tasha Grant

I think this is great. I have a friend who was also born without a uterus and it has hurt her greatly to know that she will never carry and birth a child. You can read about her struggles and journey to adoption here:

Fallaya Fallaya

I think it's an unwise decision, but it's their lives.  

juggl... juggling3

I didn't get all teary eyed either and as someone else posted it is their lives.

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