30 Summer-Loving Names to Give Your Baby


baby at beachAre you pregnant and about to give birth this summer? No? Doesn't matter. You may at some point be asked to name a baby this season and you need to be prepared.

That said, summer is our favorite time of the year and we like to celebrate it in every way possible. That includes trips to the beach, working from roof decks, and naming babies after summertime goodness.

Have you met a "June" you haven't liked? Didn't think so. You see, everyone loves summer, and everyone loves being reminded about summer, so everyone loves people whose names remind them of summer. It's just that simple. To help make the world a happier place, we've come up with 15 boys names and 15 girls names that fit the summertime theme.


  1. May or June
  2. Margarita
  3. Summer (duh)
  4. Rose or Iris or Daisy
  5. River or Sea or Sky or Rain or Ocean or ... Hazy Hot & Humid
  6. Vacation
  7. Memorial or Labor
  8. Sandy (get it?)
  9. Bikini
  10. Lemonade
  11. Minnie (Golf)
  12. Coral
  13. Sunny
  14. Bay
  15. Cheeseburger


  1. Julius or Augustus
  2. Miller (Lite)
  3. Storm or Stormy
  4. Beach or Wave
  5. Boardwalk Fries
  6. Concert
  7. Road Trip or Convertible
  8. Smore
  9. Firefly or Cicada
  10. Dune
  11. Rocky
  12. Pacifico or Atlantis
  13. Jimmy Buffett
  14. Lobster
  15. Charcoal or Grill

Obviously, some of these are jokes, or names only Gwyneth Paltrow would consider (Apple and Moses could use another sibling!), but some of them are real summertime names we love.

Which ones do you like?

Photo via Rain Rannu/Flickr

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Kris Gamble

There is nothing wrong with the name Moses... wow.

Heather Langley Smith

My son is named Julius after his great grandfather. I do sometimes call him orange Julius, though, because he has red hair. :)

Meghan Roark

I like lobster the best!

sgr123 sgr123

I think I may change my daughter's name to Cheeseburger.  I think it is a beautiful name. 

Kimberly Virga

Miller is kind of a cool, funky boys name... lol.... Summer is okay, I have known two Summer's.... my daughters name reminds me of summertime but it's not one of these... Delaney Savanah. Not sure why.

Momma... MommaSiete

I love Miller for a boy! And Pacifico and Wave. Those are cute!!

For the girls I would go with: Summer or Hazy. I love the name Sunny but that is my DS's nickname lol.

nonmember avatar Christine

The name June always makes me think of June Cleaver ~ lol. My daughter is growing Sunflowers in her garden this year and thinking about it Sunflower is a pretty cute girl's name!

Karen E MacLellan

Bikini? Lobster? Seriously? My son gets made fun of in school because his last name is Duncan. Please mom's don't pick a name that you can't see yourself having as an adult later on.

Jayde King

Everyone loves my daughter's name, Summer. She suits it too, fair skin, blonde hair. I love it....

HypoH... HypoHeartBaby

My sons is Adrian I want all my babies to have unisex names idky I just do but I have a cousin who's mom liked the name Declan but hated how popular it was so she named here daughter decley I love it but the kids at her school call her dick says it's short for decley and that bugs me

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