5 Reasons It's Worse Being Pregnant in the Summer

pregnant bathing suitsMy heart goes out to the very pregnant Kate Hudson, who looks overripe and ready to burst right about now. The last month or so of pregnancy is never even close to comfortable, but having experienced both, I can assure you that counting down to your due date when it's hot and humid outside is much, much worse than waiting it out during the winter months. Here's why:

  1. Everything stinks. You probably never noticed how much more ... fragrant the world is in the summer before, but now that you have your bionic sense of smell, you can't walk by an outdoor trash can on a hot day without dry heaving.
  2. Maternity bathing suits. Really? Because I sooo want to be showing as much skin as possible when I'm 30 pounds heavier than usual. Yeah, I'll take a big sweater and an overcoat, thanks.
  3. Ice cream. This one is a double-edged sword, actually: On the one hand, when you're hot and queasy and the baby is taking up too much room in your belly for you to eat anything solid, at least you can always eat ice cream. On the other hand, you WILL always eat ice cream.
  4. Swollen ankles. Not to mention fingers, feet, legs, and every other body part. Water retention goes into overdrive when the weather heats up. So pleasant!
  5. Becoming an air-conditioning control freak. When you're preggers and sweating in January, nobody minds if you take off a layer of clothing. When you feel like a giant hot water bottle in the middle of July and insist on blasting the a/c at meat locker power, expect the non-pregnant people in your life to get all whiny about frostbite and other nonsense.

Do you think it's harder being pregnant in the summer?


Image via Emily Killian Molina/Flickr

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