Need a Baby Name? There's An App for That

pregnant mobile phoneWhen I was pregnant, one of my biggest fears was that I'd choose a name for my child she or he would grow up to hate. I'm okay with the name I was given, but like most people, if I were given the choice I probably would've picked something else. So I think it's kind of cool that expectant moms with similar worries don't have to be afraid of stamping their kid with the wrong moniker anymore, thanks to the new iPhone app Kick to Pick. Here's how it works: Parents create a list of favorite names, then the mom-to-be lies down and places her phone (or iTouch, or iPad) on her belly and taps the "start" button, at which point the app scans through the list of names and picks a winner based on when the baby kicks (or elbows, or headbutts, or whatever they do in there).


The app's creator, Nathan Parks, admits that Kick to Pick is "far from reading a baby's mind," but at least allows for some input, however arbitrary, from a child about the name they'll "go on to keep for the rest of their lives."

More importantly (at least to me) the app provides a ready comeback for the first time your kid comes home from school and says, "I hate my name! It's a stupid name! Why did you even pick such a stupid name?!"

At which point you can answer in all honesty, "You picked your name, sweetheart. Now run along and do your homework, Moroccan Scott."

Would you use an app to name your baby?


Image via Montse PB/Flickr

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