Deployed Solider Gets to See Son’s Birth Thanks to Skype (VIDEO)


babyWithout question, the birth of a child is the biggest moment in a couple's life. Something that, if you miss, you will never be able to see again. What if you can't be there, though? What if you're in the military and are stationed far away? It must be terribly heart-breaking for all those dads to miss monumental moments in their lives, like the birth of their sons and daughters. And those poor moms who have to go it alone!

This is exactly what happened to Cody Huckeba when his wife went into labor. See, Cody was stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, while his wife, Sasha, was all the way in Oregon on the big day. Thanks to a little technology, though, Cody was able to be there for Sasha -- and new son, Dmitri -- on the unforgettable occasion.

You guessed it, Cody and Sasha used Skype. Er, the hospital Sasha was at set up Skype for the couple. Thanks to a tiny, little camera, Cody was able to watch the birth of his son in real time -- and Sasha had the support of her husband when she needed him most. Cody was even able to return home to Oregon a few days after Dmitri's birth to give him -- and his wife -- a hug in person.

Technology can sometimes be a pesky little thing, but other times, like in Cody and Sasha's case, it really is the next best thing!

Check out the totally heart-warming video:

On a scale of 1-10, how much does this warm your heart?


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navyma23 navyma23

Its nice they were able to do that. 

We won't though. My husband will miss the birth of his first born son. He's on the other side of the world and we have no signal in the hospital I will deliever at. Sucks, but it is what it is.

nonmember avatar Elle

I love this!!! A friend from High School's older sister is married to a Marine who is currently in Afganistan. When their son was born a few weeks ago, they skyped the birth. We were all so glad it happened at a time that he was actually able to catch it. There's nothing like being there, but in these circumstances it is the next best thing. Congratulations to this family, wishing them many many happy healthy years!!!

nonmember avatar steph

So, this actually happens a lot. I'm a military wife and we did that w our second baby.

Laurie Chaney

My son in law saw the birth of his daughter 11 days ago via fact the hospital referres to them as "Skype babies"  I was present to video tape in case he couldnt get on line..but with only 2.5hrs start to finish he was able tobe present for all!  He is in Afghanistan...I find it hard to believe there are parts of the world especially military bases that dont have some set up for these times..its hard enough being a soldier let alone missing these events!

nidland nidland

we had a skype birth in january. baby was 4 weeks early, and daddy had just gotten to the middle east 5 days prior. he'd given me that mandatory "i'm here, i'm safe" call, and then next thing we know, i had to send him a red cross message that i was in labor. he got the message, hooked up his internet and was able to call in just as the dr walked in and i started to push. my sister recorded it, and my hubby got to watch on webcam, it was so incredible, and we're all so happy that technology is so advanced that he got to see his baby come into the world, even from the other side of the world.

nidland nidland

he also got to "visit" our little girl while she was in the nicu. i'd take my computer, and he'd call in and watch her sleeping in her isolette.


leomo... leomommy1325

Of course, there's nothing like actually watching the birth.  I think is so cool for you military families to be able to have Dad see the birth from halfway across the world and be able to talk to both Mom and baby as well as any siblings Baby has.  I watched this on "Army Wives" and I wondered if it's done in real life.  I said to myself that that's cool if it is.

.Momm... .MommieAJ.

Um, 100?! That is amazing. My Husband and I went through a 12-month deployment Together, but thankfully, We didn't conceive Our Son until after He had been back for over 7 months (after miscarrying the baby We conceived shortly after His return) - so He was there for everything when Our Little Man was Born. But this story makes me so happy for that family..and it's nice hearing about such wonderful uses of the internet amongst all the horrible things I usually hear about it (people who abuse the internet SUCK). So glad I saw this article!

.Momm... .MommieAJ.

P.S. - check the typo on your title ("solider" instead of "Soldier"). ;P I hate to correct others, but I thought it'd be more helpful than annoying in this case. lol.

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