New Products Strike Unnecessary Fear in Pregnant Women


Everyone has their thoughts on microwave ovens and radiation from computers, cellphones, and your day-to-day environment. Some of us think it doesn't affect us much and others feel it will make people evolve to look like the aftermath of Chernobyl. But when you're pregnant, these things really play on our minds. Everything can be super scary and harmful and make us worry about the health of our parasite, er, fetus.

"If I eat pizza, will he have acne?"

"If I raise my arms, will the cord wrap around his neck?"

Oh, or the super-worrisome, "If I sneeze, can my baby fall out?"

Yup, with the universe all out to get unborn babies, at least now there are two products from SmartSense to help your little one avoid some scrambled gray matter. Introducing the SmartSense Microwave Oven Cover and the SmartSense Shawl!

According to SmartSense: "The US FDA has advised consumers not to stand directly in front of or up against the oven while it is in operation."

So sorry ladies, no more rubbing your belly up against the nuker while it's baking your potato. Like you needed a reminder. But the pretty SmartSense SmartCover microwave cover comes to your rescue and snaps on the sides with easy, sewn-in magnets. Then you just flop the top of it down over the door, and put the magnets on the sides to keep it in place while your food cooks. Feel free to rub your belly against it now.

Here, check out the video from their website of a camera aimed at a TV!

All I can see is putting your food in, pushing buttons, then with the speed of a dingo chasing a baby, slamming the cover down on the front, yelling, "GOT YOU, MICROWAVES!" Unfortunately, with the cover on the front, you can't see your potato burning until black smoke pours out, but no worries! You are PROTECTED from the dangerous, deadly microwave seeking to cook your belly baby from the inside out.

Sadly, your other kids will never again be able to see popcorn pop, but hey, you can always let Junior cook on the stove! Shake-a-shake a bag of hot oil!

"But what about those SCARY waves from my cellphone and computer?"

Well have no fear, paranoid pregnant consumer, for you also can wear the incredibly versatile, fashionable, all-season SmartSense SmartShawl! Machine-washable and perfect for the tin-hat crowd everywhere, especially pregnant mommies who constantly rest their iPads or laptops on their stomach (hey, it's a good shelf!). Just fold up the shawl, put it in your handbag, and then any time you see electronic devices, whip it out, wrap up your belly, and say, "Not MY baby!"

There, doesn't safety feel good AND look pretty too?

What do you think of these products? Would you use them?


Images via SmartSense

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nonmember avatar Mike M

I have yet to hear of any studies with evidence that proves that people's health issues are *caused* by electromagnetic radiation (there are often a number of social factors that make it possible to find correlations in human studies, but correlation does not mean causation) - so no, I wouldn't use these. (I generally do keep my distance from the microwave when it's on just in case as that's a simple thing to do and the amount of radiation drops by the square of the distance.) Though I do know that people's health is negatively impacted by high levels of stress (e.g., anger issues, holding grudges, jealousy, constant worrying, being judgmental, etc.), and it leads them to die several years earlier (on average) than people who have a low level of stress. One specific example of how stress impacts our health is that there was a study around 10 years ago where a number of college students were infected with a cold virus and most or all of those who were given a relaxing 1-hour massage after being infected did not get a cold while many of those who did not get to spend time relaxing ended up developing a cold. In short, fear and stress are bad for you - spend more time focusing on the positive (e.g., forgive and accept people as they are, and don't worry about the things you can not change - as that stress ends up hurting you) and you, your soul, and those around you will benefit from it.

nonmember avatar Anon

Actually these are real concerns, and not just for pregnant women. The nuker has been proven to affect fertility in females who hang around them too much. Cell phones do lead to brain tumors. Just keep it in mind and use stuff in moderation.

nonmember avatar Anon

I would use the cover for the microwave oven. I live in a 500 sq ft studio apartment and I would feel much more comfortable with that thing on my microwave oven. Usually I stand back while my machine is on.

nonmember avatar Julie

Yeah, I dont think we need a reminder to not rub our bellies against the nuker. Not sure why all the sarcasm. But we do need protection. I like the cover idea. I have an old microwave oven and I wonder each time I use it...It can't hurt to use one of those covers.

nonmember avatar Sandra

The FDA is a joke. Remember what they said about trans fat and how safe it was? Being pregnant, I make informed choices whether it be to take my vitamins and cut down on my caffine. I think if people want to throw a cloth over themselves to protect themselves and their bellies and it makes them feel better, then why not. I checked out the website and the price seems reasonable.

nonmember avatar Carli

Let's remember that smoking was once considered safe until research caught up with the facts. I say better safe than sorry with radiation exposure, or else it's our kids' generation that will suffer the health consequences.

Victoria Goins

We got rid of our microwave years ago. It's awful for you and causes all sorts of illnesses, including cancer and infertility. The radiation is 360 though, so covering up the front of your microwave won't do you a lick of good. Get rid of the thing!

Mommy... MommyLette92

Is this honestly a concern? I've been using my laptop to do research for my pregnancy, so do I really need to worry? or are they jsut trying scare us?

Clari... ClaritaLara

Well my doctors and i have had a few of them have all agreed that microwaves are not dangerous while pregnant. Plus I have used my microwave and laptop with my pregnacys and nothing has happened. I believe that they are just trying to make money.

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