5 All-Natural Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

5 Natural Cures for Morning SicknessAll I wanted to know during my first trimester of both pregnancies was "Why do they call it morning sickness?" Whether you're queasy only when you wake up or 24/7, there's no question that morning sickness is one of the most unpleasant aspects of pregnancy. If you've asked your obstetrician how to ease the symptoms, you've probably gotten the standard "eat a few crackers before you get out of bed" advice and not much else, unless you're so violently ill that IV fluids come into play.

Luckily there are a few all-natural ways to keep that constantly seasick sensation at bay, and while they might not work for everybody, chances are at least one of these will give you some relief!

  1. Sea Bands are wristbands with little balls strategically placed to massage the pressure points on your wrist that control nausea. Good for sailors, good for you!
  2. Preggie Pops are made with stomach-calming essential oils and brown rice syrup (for hypoglycemia-induced nausea), and they actually taste good!
  3. Potato chips work in two ways: The salt helps to dry up the excess saliva that makes some pregnant women want to hurl, and the starch keeps blood sugar levels steady.
  4. Lemon water, like potato chips, packs a one-two punch because sour flavors can soothe the irate belly and dehydration contributes to nausea.
  5. Dried herbs like lavender and thyme stuffed into a sachet or handkerchief can provide a whiff of instant relief when ickier odors threaten to turn your tummy. Lemon rinds and green apple skins smell great, too.

How do you deal with morning sickness?


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