Oh La La! 30 Beautiful French Baby Names

baby beret painting FrenchOscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard and her director sweetheart, Guillaume Canet, welcomed a baby boy yesterday in the lovely city of Paris. Oh, how perfectly romantic, isn't it? What's extra special is the new bébé also gets a perfectly lovely French name. The lucky little fellow is named Marcel (melt, melt, melt ... ).

But you don't have to have your baby in Paris or be French to give your baby one of their lovely-sounding names. Oui, oui, your sweet baby, too, can have a nom français. We've rounded up 30 French baby names for both girls and boys to get you started thinking.

And don't worry, we didn't pick anything you can't pronounce. Most of these will roll right off your tongue, not matter how bad your American accent. Haha!


15 French Baby Girl Names

  1. Adèle
  2. Amélie
  3. Caroline
  4. Caron
  5. Clara
  6. Colette
  7. Elodie
  8. Lilou (pronounced Lee-Loo)
  9. Lola
  10. Mariana
  11. Marielle
  12. Nanette
  13. Noella
  14. Odette
  15. Sylvie

15 French Baby Boy Names

  1. Bellamy
  2. Enzo
  3. Frédéric
  4. Henri
  5. Hugo
  6. Laurent
  7. Louis
  8. Luc
  9. Oliver
  10. Pierre
  11. Porter
  12. Sébastien
  13. Sinclair
  14. Théo
  15. Xavier

Are you considering a French name for your baby?


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