Only Selfish Pregnant Women Smoke


pregnant women smokingIt's not like we needed yet another study that showed smoking while pregnant, and around infants, is bad for babies. However, another one has surfaced that shows a baby's DNA actually changes when mom smokes. And no, that change is not something that is likely to turn your mild-mannered baby into a mutant superhero. More likely, someone who suffers from asthma and has trouble fighting off disease. But we knew that already, didn't we?

Listen, I'm not someone who believes that women turn into children the minute the plus sign shows up on the stick and should be treated as such. But some health issues are just so obvious, and harmful, that it's baffling when women defend their baby-harming choices. Smoking is one of those obvious dangers, yet women will defend their right to light up. And that's simply selfish.

As a former smoker -- in my youth -- I would always fight for someone's right to harm themselves through a variety of vices. But once you hurt someone else, it's no longer your right. You wouldn't sit and blow smoke into a baby's face (you wouldn't, right?), so why do you think it's okay to force your unborn baby to consume that toxic waste? Unlike a debate on eating peanut butter, cigarette smoking has actually been proven, repeatedly, as harmful. Babies are more likely to be born prematurely, underweight, with a cleft palate, or be stillborn when you smoke. Really, it's bad!

The study also said smoking during pregnancy could potentially have a negative effect on your grandchildren. So, really, you're harming your entire family tree. You don't want that legacy, so get a grip, get help, and create a healthy environment for you, your baby, and his baby's babies. Oh, and dads? This goes for you too.

Did you smoke during pregnancy?


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Bluel... Blueliner

I basically think ALL smokers are selfish... rarely does their smoke not make it to non-smokers lungs...

Sitting in traffic on a nice day I always have to roll my windows up or I'm breathing some inconsiderate jerks smoke, sitting outside a Starbucks, at the park, walking down the street, I had to close my house windows on a beautiful day yesterday because my stupid neighbors were outside their house smoking. I don't think it's right that I, my kids, or any non-smoker should EVER have to breath some one's nasty smoke, and we shouldn't have to close windows or leave parks to avoid it!

SMOKING IS SELFISH... Smoking while pregnant is idiotic, they should be able to take the kid away if you don't care enough to quit.

Photo... Photomom89

I've never smoked. So no. 

Photo... Photomom89

and I agree with Blueliner. I have asthma. When people smoke around me I can't breathe. 

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

I quit smoking, cold turkey, the day I found out I was pregnant with my son.  I've been smoke free for 4 years now.  I have no sympathy for women who say they "can't" quit. 

Memph... MemphisSuzi

Yes, smoking is an addiction -- but addictions can be overcome.  You cant say "but its hard"  whine whine.  Yes, its hard.  But your doing it for your baby.  So suck it up and quit. 

nonmember avatar alexis

Grrr, how groundbreaking, smoking is bad for you. No kidding, really? People need to stop judging others for their vices and mind their own business. If a woman is stupid enough to smoke while she's pregnant, that's her business. She has that right. Not to be macabre, but 100% of non-smokers die and have health problems of some kind. Tap water, airborne carcinogens, even the glues and chemicals used in wallpapering your little one's nursery and laying carpeting is intensely toxic. Enough with the smoking articles. It's awful, stupid and dangerous but people are going to do it. Leave it alone.

GertieK GertieK

As a midwife, a smoker automatically opts a potential client out from a home birth.  It has the potential to cause too many problems.  I have had 2 women in 30 years manage to fool me before the birth.  However, the birth itself revealed their lie.  Babies are small and not as healthy, placentas are small and gray-ish and literally fall apart.  Membranes are yellow-ish.  Lots of calcification.  Yuck.  Excessive bleeding is common.  Babies with breathing difficulties and higher incidence of SIDS and even asthma and other lung problems later.  Smoking during pregnancy is extremely selfish.  Making it illegal?  It is hard to legislate morality.  Depending on the legal/law enforcement system to enforce morality doesn't work, and shifts the responsibility to the wrong group.  We are slowly becoming a nation that looks to the government for far too much as it is. 

Truel... Truelove77

Never smoked while pregnant and for that matter never smoked I agree with this article 200% Its is selfish and gross to do and while I was pregnant people smoked around me :( while outside or my own mother in law yuck yuck!

Ambera Carter Dillistone

Wow, we have some judgmental, hateful people who are on this website. I used to like this page. What gives anyone the right to judge someone else. Get your own life and quit worrying what someone else is doing. Grow up.

nonmember avatar Anon

It is selfish to smoke, drink or do drugs while pregnant but a lot of women feel like it's okay to do because they think it is their right. They'll muddy the issue with abortion and how it supposedly has never been proven that booze hurts babies. Anything to say they should be able to do what they want.

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