Only Selfish Pregnant Women Smoke

pregnant women smokingIt's not like we needed yet another study that showed smoking while pregnant, and around infants, is bad for babies. However, another one has surfaced that shows a baby's DNA actually changes when mom smokes. And no, that change is not something that is likely to turn your mild-mannered baby into a mutant superhero. More likely, someone who suffers from asthma and has trouble fighting off disease. But we knew that already, didn't we?

Listen, I'm not someone who believes that women turn into children the minute the plus sign shows up on the stick and should be treated as such. But some health issues are just so obvious, and harmful, that it's baffling when women defend their baby-harming choices. Smoking is one of those obvious dangers, yet women will defend their right to light up. And that's simply selfish.


As a former smoker -- in my youth -- I would always fight for someone's right to harm themselves through a variety of vices. But once you hurt someone else, it's no longer your right. You wouldn't sit and blow smoke into a baby's face (you wouldn't, right?), so why do you think it's okay to force your unborn baby to consume that toxic waste? Unlike a debate on eating peanut butter, cigarette smoking has actually been proven, repeatedly, as harmful. Babies are more likely to be born prematurely, underweight, with a cleft palate, or be stillborn when you smoke. Really, it's bad!

The study also said smoking during pregnancy could potentially have a negative effect on your grandchildren. So, really, you're harming your entire family tree. You don't want that legacy, so get a grip, get help, and create a healthy environment for you, your baby, and his baby's babies. Oh, and dads? This goes for you too.

Did you smoke during pregnancy?


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