21 Things All Pregnant Women Want

pregnant bellyPregnancy is a wonderful, amazing, crazy experience that unites women like no other. Still, it's one that is vastly different for every woman who carries a child.

For some women, pregnancy is a glowing, blissful breeze, while others spend months attached to a toilet with morning sickness. Some are determined to have all-natural births in their own homes, while others prefer a bring-on-the-epidural one in a state-of-the-art hospital. Yet all of us basically want the same things -- some attainable, others just idyllic wishes -- when it comes to bringing our babies into the world. Here are 21 things all pregnant women want:


1. An easy labor

2. Quick recovery time

3. To avoid drinking that sugary liquid before your gestational diabetes test

4. To feel loved

5. Reassuring kicks from within

6. To be told you look beautiful

7. To find something that tastes good, or a few minutes when everything under the sun doesn't

8. Confidence that you'll be able to be a good mother

9. Maternity jeans that make your ass look good

10. Comfortable underwear

11. A guarantee that you will fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes again

12. Understanding doctors/midwives/doulas/nurses

13. The ability to capture this magical time in your memory forever

14. Sleep, lots of sleep

15. Strangers to keep their stupid comments and belly-grabbing hands to themselves

16. Baby gifts you'll actually use

17. The perfect baby name

18. To eat or drink the things we're not supposed to ingest while pregnant

19. Role models for mothering

20. A better world in which to raise a child

21. And most of all -- a healthy baby

What things do you/did you want while pregnant?

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