Breathtaking Look at How Baby's Face Develops in Utero (VIDEO)

baby face development in utero womb unbornAll the beautiful baby faces in this world start their development in the mother's womb about two to three months after the egg is fertilized. Ever been curious what this facial evolution might look like? Well, this in-utero footage of face development in the womb from the BBC is quite breathtaking, albeit a little creepy and weird at times, but beautiful.

Watch closely as a fetus develops from an indistinguishable blob into a recognizable human with facial features in the following very cool and trippy time lapse video.


WATCH the video of Face Development in the Womb:

Isn't it amazing how cells meld together into larger segments that then fit together like puzzles, which then become our unique faces? Truly miraculous! I had no idea. And after watching this video, I now have a name for that little indent above the top lip -- the philtrum -- and some science-backed information about why it exists.

Humans are awesome.

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Image via BBC

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