Making Fun of Baby Names Is Bullying the Baby

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Don't bully me!
With the tons of chatter about the emerging trend of supposed horrific baby names, I can't help but wonder WHY? Why does anyone really care what someone else names their child? Don't like the name? Don't name your kid that. Simple as that.

Perhaps I am a wee bit defensive since my son's name -- Hunter -- landed on the most hated baby names list. Bear -- what Alicia Silverstone named her son -- was up there on my favorites list, along with the names Otto and Wolf for my son. Nova and Sunshine were names I liked for my daughter, who ended up being Penelope.

When we, as adults, make fun of the names people give their kids, it feels so mean-spirited. Here is a woman, having just birthed a beautiful life, being verbally assaulted because of the name she has given her child. It's also mean to the kids -- they are the ones with the name!


Think about this: little Bear grows up, googles his name, sees all the hate spewed, and it's like he's being bullied. And who is behind the bullying? Moms. Not so cool. The kid instantly feels like an outcast and then blames his parents for naming him that, which causes a rift in their relationship ... which could lead him to do bad things to escape the pain from the bullying ....

You get the idea. Adults have no business teasing kids.

And for those of you who say, Well if the parents didn't name the kid that to begin with, he wouldn't be tormented ... I say oh that's where you are wrong. The reality is that kids are going to make fun of other kids no matter what. My name is Michele -- one of the most popular names on the playground during my time as a tot, and I got made fun of. Michele, you smell, go to hell Miiiiiiiiiichele. That was a fun one. I also got teased about my teeth -- the term bucky beaver still makes me cringe.

If a child wants to target another child, that kid will find something to make fun of whether that child's name is Aiden or Hunter or John or Bear. Now if you name your kid Maxipad or Condom ... that's a whole other story.

Can we just stop with the making fun of kids' names already? Or will you continue the sport?

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