Why We Shouldn't Take C-Sections Lightly

operating roomLet's make no mistake: Cesarean sections are a major surgery. In fact, a gallbladder or appendix removal is a cake walk, comparatively. It's not like you can remove a baby from the belly laparoscopically. And like any major surgery where organs are moved around, there comes some serious risks, to you and your baby. When lives are already in danger, however, the surgery isn't questioned.

For one woman, Kelly Sutton of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, having a c-section with her first child put her life in danger and crushed any hopes of her having more children.


Sutton and her husband had always hoped for a large family, and when she was 10 days overdue with her first child, a son she named Daniel, she had no idea it would also be her last baby she carried in her own body. For whatever reason, the induction methods they tried didn't work so her doctors decided she needed a c-section.

After the surgery, Sutton said she felt crushing pain across her chest and abdomen, and knew that despite the major surgery, something wasn't right. She had also been given blood thinners, and despite many warning signs the hospital staff should have seen, it was hours before they realized something was really, really wrong.

Apparently the surgeon had not completely closed her uterus after the c-section, and she was bleeding out, internally. She had already lost two liters of blood by the time she was rushed back to the operating room and had to receive a transfusion of 33 pints of blood.

Sadly, that wasn't it. Later that evening, her condition deteriorated again and they finally told her horrid news: she needed a hysterectomy or she would die. Could you imagine? People take c-section risks so lightly.

They won a lawsuit and were awarded six figures, which they intend to use to have babies through a surrogate since Sutton's eggs were fortunately spared. Still, the devastating mental effects for her haven't been easy, especially with the knowledge that was the reason they won the lawsuit: this was a medical mistake that didn't even need to happen. If the doctor had gotten the c-section right, if the nurses had been more attentive to her in the hours post-surgery, or a doctor had been more thorough with his exams, extreme pain and blood loss could easily have been caught sooner, preventing such a traumatic end result.

While this case is rare, the more things you allow to be done to your body and the more risky they are, the more likely something will go wrong. I hope this mom can come to peace with the trauma she endured.

How does this make you feel? Did you have any complications from a c-section?


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