Does Your Unborn Baby Already Have a Facebook Page?


Babies on TwitterTrends. In the world of pregnancy and babies and kiddos, there are a lot of trends to choose from: Twilight-inspired names, non-kiddie nursery decor, gender-revealing cakes for baby showers ... really, tons o' trends out there. Millions of dollars are spent on starting trends, predicting trends, and following trends. Well, folks, I’m putting on my psychic hat (it is yellow, with silver and gold stripes, and has a peacock feathers) and predicting the next new baby trend. It isn’t a product you buy or a new name trend. Nope. My prediction: parents-to-be will start opening Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for their unborn babies.

Think about it. It is inevitable ... and this is going to be really annoying. What’s more: it'll just open up a whole mess of new social etiquette questions that I won’t know how to deal with.

Sure, we have heard about parents nabbing email accounts and domain names for their future kid ... and I have seen a few Facebook pages for pets (I am groaning too), but I haven’t yet seen someone start a Facebook page for the kiddo in the womb. I fear it will happen -- and happen soon. Profile pic: the ultrasound. First tweet: Hello, world. It’s dark in here.

There are already issues with moms and dads of kids on Facebook and Twitter, to friend or not to friend your tween, and so on. I shudder when I think about all of the etiquette questions about those still baking in the tummies. Do I have to friend my sister’s baby-to-be? Do I follow my co-worker's unborn spawn on Twitter? Do I respond to tweets as if I am really talking to the bambino-to-be ... because I know he isn’t typing the 140 characters. 

It's one of those ideas that someone will do, thinking it's cute, adorable, funny. And it will be ... for 9.3 nanoseconds. Then it will be annoying and, let's face it, we are all not as funny as we think we are. The only people who will like it: the grandparents-to-be. The sad thing is they aren't on Twitter.

Would you open a Twitter account or a Facebook page for your unborn baby?


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Gigan... GigantaursMommy

I have actually already seen this and I thought it was a ridiculous idea.

Addys... Addys_Mom

My sister in law has one for my nephew. it drives me nuts. he's one.

nonmember avatar Ash

I set one up for my son when he was only a couple of months old because my husband's family wanted to see photos, my husband didn't share any, I don't want to tag my husband in photos of our son, and I really didn't want to be facebook friends with the in-laws. I'll post a status update to announce a milestone every now and then. I didn't send out any friend requests, so anybody who is friends with that account chose to be. I highly recommend it if your in-laws are as annoying as mine.

mesai mesai

I've only done the email account thing, and that was only used to send out digital pictures of the kid. My DD doesn't need a twitter or FB account because she's already all over her dad's and my accounts. The next one is also only getting an email so it doesn't get taken by someone else. I find it HIGHLY annoying when parents open the FB accounts & then give all the annoying details of the kid's life. I'm not talking about the milestones here, I'm talking about the daily things a kid does (and the mom was a highly competitive mother who insisted that the baby was holding her head up at 3 days old, so she wasn't really supporting her - then she couldn't understand why the baby would cry whenever she would pick her up, but be as serene as can be when her dad would pick her up--- but I digress)...

Twist... Twisted_Halo

um, no.  i agree that its ridiculous and getting out of hand lol.

Katharyne E. Hale

I did the same thing as Ash. I made one that is purely for family members I don't want contact with, but not cruel enough to completely cut out of my kids' lives.

nonmember avatar undomesticme

Nope, none of my future children will have FB or Twitter accounts before they are old enough to sign up for one themselves and type their own updates. I think that's a dumb trend - Haven't seen any of yet-to-be-born children, but have seen a few people have them for their kids, as young as a few months old.

Misteh Misteh

Nope my unborn child is not 13 years old. The age your supposed to at least be to have a Facebook.

Photo... Photomom89

Mesai- I'm not super competitive. There are lots of things my son can't do that some other kids his age can but he was holding his head up (shakily) the day he was born. So maybe she was right.

dmck dmck

My unborn child has both a Twitter and Facebook pages where he will post status updates in the vein of the Bronx Zoo Cobra or #### My Dad Says.  You all must think I am the worst person alive.

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