Does Anything Help Morning Sickness?

morning sickness remediesYou take the test. It has two lines, reads "Pregnant," whatever the indicator thingamajig is supposed to do to let you know you are preggers. You're excited, you're thrilled ... and you feel like you are going to puke. Okay, so morning sickness may not hit that quickly, but soon after that, yup, that lovely symptom of pregnancy hits. The nausea, the not so great feeling in your tummy, the I-am-so-miserable-I-can't-move ickiness that is morning sickness. What is a mama-to-be to do?

Well, for years, when you had a funny tummy, you drank ginger ale. That should work, right? Ginger is good for stomach ills of all kinds ... except morning sickness. A new report out says that ginger, in whatever form, doesn't really help pregnant ladies and, in some cases, could make it worse.

Why is my pregnant tummy so different than just a few weeks ago, when ginger ale worked wonders on my "too much Taco Bell" stomach woes?


We don't know why, but ginger and its active compounds, 6-gingerol -- the widely touted tummy-maker-better (that's clinical term, right?) -- now has been put to the test for treating morning sickness ... and didn't do so well. In fact, it didn't really do anything. For some in the study, it helped, but for most, it did nothing. The study also looked at vitamin B6 supplements and acupuncture as treatments as morning sickness remedies. The supplements had "not convincing" results and acupuncture showed "no significant benefit" for pregnant women.

I'm peeved and confused. Ginger, which works even to help people suffering from nausea due to chemotherapy treatment, does squat for suffering mamas-to-be? So, what is a vomiting pregnant lady to do? I think the answer lies with other pregnant women. See what works for them. Some swear by a salty-sour combo of food. Others swear by not drinking water and eating at the same time. Many do the usual crackers and toast, bland food trick. Aromatherapy and wristbands used for seasickness have also been passed around as possible aides. 

The sad thing is I think it is different for every pregnant lady. Just like some get the pukies in the morning, others in the afternoon ... and some don't ever throw up but just feel like crap the whole day. Alas, morning sickness is different for everyone. The only thing we all need -- someone to hold our hair.

What helped your morning sickness?


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