6 Awesome Mother's Day Gifts for Moms to Be

mothers day giftsAttention! Mother's Day is approaching fast and, well, you have to get on it. If you have a pregnant lady in your life -- whether this is her first kiddo or her fourth -- she needs a gift. A good gift. A really good gift. The thing is pregnant women are tough to buy for: clothes are pretty much out of the question, flowers are only temporary, she's already eating chocolate every day (dang those cravings). You want to get her a gift just for her, not for the baby, as he/she will be getting tons of stuff come baby shower time.

So what do you do? You check out our handy list -- we've got 6 awesome, no-fail gifts for the pregnant mama in your world.


Homemade coupons -- This is a perfect option if your pregnant lady is already a mama. Get the kids in on the action and have them help you make these coupons. Think "Good for One Foot Massage" kinds of things. They can be for anything: dinner cooked by someone other than her, a morning to sleep in, or uninterrupted 30 minutes ... all of these are priceless for your pregnant lady.

A yummy robe -- Perhaps classified as clothing, the great thing about a robe is it's adjustable. She can wear it now while pregnant and after the kiddo pops out. Make it even better for her and get one made out of organic cotton -- like a lightweight, kimono-style one from Pure Fiber (about $42 on Amazon.com). Does she like to get wrapped in fluffiness? Have her cuddle up with a super plush robe ($59.95 from Cotton Place).

A fabu new bauble -- You really can't go wrong with jewelry. Ever. For the classic mama-to-be, pop into Tiffany's and grab a trinket in a blue box, like the lovely Kiss bangle for $275. But I'm really diggin' the cool vintage-looking necklace with cut-outs from a Chinese/English dictionary. Snag the birth month of the baby or her lucky number ($18 on Etsy.com).

Set up her smartphone -- We all know how the OB/GYN always runs behind. Waiting rooms are boring. Give her new apps to play with on her iPhone -- and set it up for her. Download the best pregnancy apps like Labor Mate (which will help track contractions when the big day arrives) or one of the many pregnancy tracking apps out there that give info on baby development ... or just get her Angry Birds. 

A gift card to a shoe store -- Yes, this sounds odd, but when you are pregnant, there is nothing worse than having bad shoes. Comfort is of the utmost importance for her these days. You can't go shoe-shopping for her, but you can grab her a gift card so she can go and treat herself and her tootsies.

A Nook or a Kindle -- Believe me, I love being able to turn the pages of books, but the mama-to-be is going to be lugging a lot in the upcoming days ... one hardcover can make all of the difference. Easy to stow in a diaper bag, she can bring the paper, a magazine, her fave chick lit book with her all in one little tablet. Plus, one of these eReaders is much easier to prop up when she is snuggled on the couch with a sleeping newborn on her chest (if she isn't napping too, that is). Again, a good gift for the moms with wee ones already -- download a few of the kid's favorite stories on there, so he can do something with Mom when she's feeding the new baby.

What was the best Mother's Day gift you received when you were pregnant?


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