Wacky Pregnancy Dream Meanings Revealed!

pregnancy dreamsI often have vivid, kinda crazy dreams. But when I was preggers, they went beyond that. I distinctly remember one dream I had when I was at the end of my pregnancy. I was walking down the street with a whale (yup, big and blue with a blowhole) and we were both wearing watiress uniforms, as if we were in the TV show Alice and worked at Al's Diner and served pie all day. We arrived at a house and when I opened the front door, it was full of different flowers. But wait! Then I saw that many were wilting and I started to cry. Not just cry but sob. Heaving, mesing, "ugly cry" sobs The whale put her fin on my shoulder ans said, "Well, kiss my grits!"

And then I woke up and went to the kitchen and drank a huge glass of water.

Like I said, totally wonkadoo. But I'm not alone -- most pregnant women have strange dreams. Ever wonder what they mean? Me too!


So, let's break down my waitress whale/wilting flowers dream. According to a pregnancy dream dictionary, a whale represents feminine power and creativity. Ok-ay. The waitress uniform is supposedly my subconscious working out some sort of resentment of my role in becoming a mom. Hmmm. And the wilting flowers in the house? Well, the house is obvious, right, I mean, I am the house to the baby growing inside of me ... and those flowers are what is growing inside of me.

But the fact they were wilting meant I was dehydrated. And I got right up and chugged a big glass of water! Whoa! Kinda cuckadoo, a little eerie, huh? Well, so are dreams. Here are some others I found:

You are caught in a thunderstorm -- You have some unresolved family issues. That, or you just watched Singin' In the Rain with Gene Kelly.

You get stung by a bee -- You are the queen bee right now, getting lots of attention. Also, maybe you are thinking of naming your baby boy Bartholomew Burt Bennington IV and are having trouble with all of those Bs.

You are clad in armor -- Obviously, it means protection of your unborn baby. Or it is wintertime and you have so many blankets on the bed, you can't even roll over.

You dream you are giving birth to a cat -- I never dreamt about giving birth to a cat, but supposedly many moms-to-be do. Cats symbolize femininity and are similar size as a baby, so that makes sense. What else makes sense? Your cat is sleeping between your legs.

What was your craziest pregnancy dream?


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