Help! Pregnancy Has Me Constantly In the Bathroom

bathroom signBefore my pregnancy, I always felt that I had a pretty healthy-sized bladder, evidenced by the fact that I was always able to make it through a long movie or hours-long car ride (and Big Gulp of Diet Coke, thank you) without a bathroom break. I'm sorry, TMI? Well, anyway, somewhere around my 4th month of pregnancy, that obviously changed, but not in any surprising, alarming way. I thought to myself, "Oh, if this is what pregnant women always gripe about, I can totally handle this."

Not so fast, camel-bladder! A few days ago, one or both of my twin boys decided to take up residence on my bladder. Like, "Oh wow, this is a cushy spot, why did we spend all that time hovering over each of Mommy's hip bones when this comfortable lounge area has been here this whole time?" And with that, a constant and consistent need to pee has taken over my life ...


It began on Saturday, a morning I'd started with a rare-treat: decaf coffee. At first, I thought the java must be the culprit, but it was lasting on and off throughout the day, and was an entirely different sensation than anything I'd experienced pre-pregnancy. And it seemed to coincide with my babies' movements. It was as though one or both of them were lying on my bladder, occasionally shifting positions and triggering a little, painless "gotta pee" spasm. And then I realized, "Oh wait, I think one of them actually is on my bladder." (I know, I know, it should have been more obvious to me what was happening here, but it's my first pregnancy, what do you expect?)

I thought that this would pass after a good night's sleep, when they had a chance to maybe shift around again, find a new spot, kind of like a dog following a patch of a sun. But, no, I guess it's a really cozy nook because it's been about three days and it's still happening.

In fact, I think it's even gotten worse, because it seems that right around the time that my boys discovered Mommy's bladder, they also seemed to have found their fetal strength and energy. All those gentle flutters and bloops are long gone, and now we're dealing with real roughhousing in there. I swear, it's like they're two Flashdancers, running in place, in legwarmers and sweatbands, and they're maniacs, maaaa-niacs on my bladder. Is this just a small taste of what's to come the next few months? Or, dear God, are they going to be wild-and-crazy dancing fools in life, as they are in the womb?

Thankfully, they seem to rest when I'm lying down or sleeping at night, which I'm very grateful for. And I've pretty much figured out when I actually have to pee, and when my bladder is just reacting to a pummeling. That being said, I don't think long movies and road trips will be in my near future.

How did you handle that constant need to pee during pregnancy? Any tricks?

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