30 Lovely Baby Names Inspired By Spring

baby hands fingers daffodil springMaybe you're expecting a baby this spring or you just love the idea of giving your wee one a spring-inspired name! Springtime evokes so many pleasant words and feelings -- so what name is it going to be?

We've put together a list of 30 lovely spring-inspired names to get you thinking. While the spring names for boys were a little harder to come by, I think you'll love the ones we included.


30 Lovely Baby Names Inspired By Spring

Spring Month Names

1. April

2. May or Mae

3. Avril, French for April

Botanical Names

4. Poppy -- flower names are Jamie Oliver and his wife's favorites. Their kids' names are #4-#7.

5. Daisy

6. Petal

7. Buddy

8. Flora

9. Rose 

10. Basil

11. Dahlia

12. Heath

13. Lily 

14. Cedar

15. Iris 

16. Violet 

17. Ivy 

18. Birch

19. Thorne

20. Huckleberry might be cutest, least utilized name ever

Nature's Names

21. Skylar, celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger Berman recently named their baby boy Skylar Morrison Berman.

22. Sunny or Sonny

23. River

24. Rain

25. Leif

Spring-Evoking Names

26. Arizona, comes from an Indian word meaning "little spring place."

27. Neo, means new.

28. Laverne, means spring-like.

29. Paris ... in springtime!

30. Early -- such a cute, sort of cowboy name.

What are your favorite spring-inspired names, for a boy and/or a girl?


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