When to Start Trying Again After a Miscarriage

An anonymous mom asked other moms in the Answer section how long they waited to start trying to conceive again after a miscarriage. It's a tough question, and an emotional one. Here's what a few moms had to say.


In this question and a similar one in Pregnancy After Miscarriage, moms said that the waiting period really varied -- some women were eager to begin trying to conceive again right away, and did, and others said they waited a few months. All moms agreed it was a highly personal decision, and each woman was different.

When to try can depend on how far along you were in your pregnancy -- and even when your body is ready physically (make sure to get the go-ahead from your doctor), there's the emotional factor to consider, too.

Many moms who shared their thoughts also shared the news that after their loss, they were either pregnant now or had gone on to deliver happy, healthy babies.

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What was your experience? If you've miscarried, how long did you wait before trying to get pregnant again?

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