Pregnancy Can Make Your Eyesight Messed Up

Amongst the many things we put our bodies through to produce little people, our eyes are one of the victims. In fact, there have been pregnant women who needed to renew their drivers' license and FAILED because of the eyesight test. Ack! But if you are pregnant and thinking about getting new glasses, don't run out and buy super-fancy new ones just yet. The change could be temporary

So, what the heck is that about, and when does it go away?


Between hormone shifts and water retention, you can have a "refractive error" where your eyes have issues focusing. If you've had previous eye conditions, such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, or diabetes, keep an extra eye on (haha) your eyesight, because those conditions especially during pregnancy can alter your eyesight even more.

If you really struggle with seeing things, you could consider getting a temporary prescription and buying some cheap, cute glasses off the Internet.

For most women, their eyesight settles back to normal along with their hormones ... so a few months postpartum, as your luxurious pregnancy hair is falling out, your eyesight should go back to normal.

But if you're nursing, sometimes it can take even longer. Some people say first postpartum menstruation generally is an adequate time for an eye exam with a permanent prescription, but not everyone agrees. In fact, if you're looking at Lasik, some doctors won't even consider it until 3-6 months after you've weaned, out of concern that your eyes will change the slightest bit post-surgery and you may end up with less than perfect vision ... again. However, not everyone agrees with that idea. But me personally? If I'm putting my eyeballs under a laser, I'm not going to risk it and I'll wait the year or two with some cute, cheap glasses while my kiddo nurses, and then get the surgery.

Did your eyesight change while you were pregnant or nursing?


Image via MelanieLouise/CafeMom

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