My Unborn Babies Love Their Daddy's Voice

Pregnant couple silouetteFor a few weeks now, I've been able to feel my boys squirming around in my pregnant belly. I like to say they're "blooping," kind of like little guppies blowing bubbles. Then, just last week, the bloops became more like ba-booms -- not painful, but they're definitely getting Mama's attention now. So much so that my husband can finally put his hands on my belly and feel his sons bopping around in there.

The other night, I was reading in bed, my Kindle perched on my belly, when the whole thing lurched. I grabbed my husband's hand, put it right on that spot, and a few seconds later, the baby kicked or jabbed or tap-danced again and my husband went, "Holy s%^t!" Ever since then, he's been obsessed with their blooping ... and it seems like our boys are equally enamored with him.


Last night, we were over at my Mom's house for dinner when the boys, clearly sympathizing with my hunger pangs, started getting antsy. My Mom, eager to feel the movements for herself, put her hands on my belly, but as soon as she did, they went still. I resisted the urge to go all stage mom on my unborn sons and urge them to "dance, boys, dance for Grandma!" Instead, I told her to keep her hand there, and maybe he'd bop again.

After a minute, nada. She was about to give up, when my husband started talking. Next thing you know -- bloop, bloop, ba-bloop, ba-bloop coming from Baby B. He stopped talking, the baby stopped blooping. So I asked my husband just to yammer away about whatever, and sure enough, Baby B got to bopping again. So I said, "Clearly, he gets excited by his Daddy's voice." I wanted to cry it was so sweet, and when I looked over at my husband, he had a huge smile on his face.

Sure, there's a lot of discomfort that comes from pregnancy, but still, we women are the lucky ones -- we get to have that physical bond with our unborn babies, who rely on us to grow and thrive. Meanwhile, Dads often feel like they're just cheering us on from the sidelines. So when your husband or partner has that moment where he's connected to the baby in his own way -- whether he's talking to your bump, playing the baby his favorite music, or putting his cheek to your belly to feel his child's beating heart -- it's pretty freakin' special.

Has your partner been able to bond with the baby in your belly?

Image via David Boyle/Flickr

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